Case Studies

Read about some of our greatest successes in our Case Studies, where the Lauth brand of success fortified our clients in their time of crisis.

Skip Trace | Callous Corporation

Insurance companies are supposed to exercise due-diligence in protecting individuals in times of crisis, but sometimes it takes a private investigator to ensure restitution is made.

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Skip trace case study solved with Lauth Investigations

FMLA Fraud | FMLA Folly

Ensuring that employees do not abuse FMLA leave is paramount to preserving the integrity of these protections, and private investigators can bring clarity to murky situations.

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FMLA Fraud Case Study from Lauth Investigators

Non-Compete Violation | Spastic Plastics

Training and mentoring employees in your business can be a wonderful investment for your corporate future, but what happens when your mentee leaves the company, taking valuable clients and industry secrets with them?

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Non-compete violation case study with Lauth Investigations