Non-Compete Violation Investigations

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Non-compete violation investigations are a prudent way to ensure your trade secrets are not at risk. From brand protection to theft of industry secrets, Lauth is dedicated to using diverse resources and due-diligence to fortify our clients with our non-compete investigations.  We investigate claims of non-compete violations for you so you can focus on growing your business and empower you with information to make crucial decisions.

How Lauth can help you with your non-compete investigation


Lauth uses the latest in surveillance technology to expose the unseen factors within any workplace. Our investigators have a wealth of experience in threat identification and risk assessment with regards to the safety of the workplace.

Background checks

Lauth uses verified databases to secure a comprehensive background report on the relevant Subjects in any non-compete violations case. Our investigators are trained to view a person’s criminal, financial, address, and litigation history to identify significant risk factors and provide expert recommendations for our clients and their businesses.

Undercover operations

Our investigators have the necessary tool chest to conduct objective, covert undercover operations within any organization, seeking the unseen factors in any workplace.

Evidence gathering

Combined with our surveillance technology to bring certainty to non-compete violations investigations, our investigators are highly trained in discreet evidence gathering to support their findings in the case.


With the help of verified databases, Lauth’s skip-trace services allow investigators to locate Subjects and relevant parties in any non-compete violations investigation.

Why clients need our services

When a former employee takes your trade secrets to another business—or starts their own organization with a similar business model—the effect can be devastating to your company. Through comprehensive intelligence services, we’re dedicated to preserving your livelihood through surveillance, geo-social data, review of public records. We provide expert recommendations and detailed reports ahead of any legal action our clients elect to take. Our private investigators are trained in witness testimony, providing another level of independent integrity to any investigation.

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Non-Compete Violation | Spastic Plastics

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Investigating Non-Compete Violations

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A Mini Guide to Corporate Investigations

Often corporate investigations are conducted to determine whether a company is safe or not to do business with. By conducting an in-depth analysis, companies are kept safe from:

    • Damaged reputation
    • Misuse or abuse of network and resources
    • Compromised customer information
    • Theft or loss or proprietary information

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