Corporate Culture Audit

Corporations and businesses experience internal crises every day across the United States. Sometimes it’s an isolated incident, but repetitive patterns could be indicative of a much larger issue and an internal audit is warranted.

What is Corporate Culture?

Corporate culture is the manifestation of the relationship between leadership and their employees. It is sometimes referred to as organizational culture. It concerns how policies and communication from the top of a corporation can directly influence the level of employee engagement and satisfaction at multiple levels of an organization. When a company’s management does not show initiative to improve operations surrounding these types of complaints, it can create a culture of silence & resentment within the workforce. Healthy corporate culture creates a cycle of satisfaction and productivity that both benefits the bottom line and improves employee engagement for a balanced, stream of operations. When your corporate culture has declined significantly, an internal audit is necessary.

Corporate Culture

The root of non-engagement from employees can often be traced back to problems within the organization. Sometimes it is as simple as employees feeling undervalued by their leadership. It can be more serious in other cases like that of a harasser or bully on your team that creates a hostile workplace culture. With our corporate culture audit program, your organization or corporation can identify the risks within your structure that directly threaten your prosperity. A corporate culture audit can be a treasure trove of information for leadership on how to improve your corporation from within for a better future. We provide expert recommendations that can improve your corporation from within and correct the cycle of corporate culture.

There are many types of internal crisis that can be prevented with a company culture audit. When a company’s management does not show initiative to improve operations surrounding these types of complaints, it can create a culture of silence & resentment within the workforce. Healthy corporate culture creates a cycle of satisfaction and productivity that both benefits the bottom line and improves employee engagement for a balanced, stream of operations. A cultural audit aims at improving this corporate culture.

Have you had your Culture Check Up?

  • Organizational Mission, Values, and Vision
  • Is everyone invested in the same things?
  • Value differences between the Organization and Competitors
  • Identification of Key Measures of Success
  • Leadership in place vs. Leadership required
  • The behaviors and attitudes needed and in place
  • Strategic Influences in the Environment which may impact behaviors
  • Cultural Heritage since the founding of the company
  • Identification of Subcultures and their roles in the organization

Did you know?

Toxic work environments and job stress cost employers $300 billion every year in the United States.

– Eastern Kentucky University’s Online Bachelor of Science in Occupational Safety program

Are you getting an accurate picture of
your company’s culture?

  • Morale/Teamwork 75% 75%
  • Engaged Learning 18.3% 18.3%
  • Positive Behavior 65.5% 65.5%
  • Environment 76% 76%
  • Leadership 75% 75%

What we offer for our CCA

Business Consultation

Every company needs a periodical internal audit, because every audit is an opportunity for businesses to identify their underlying problems and then implement solutions that will promote productivity and growth. We will evaluate your corporation’s organizational culture and provide you with solutions for the future.


Security Consultation

Retaining a private investigator may sound like an unconventional avenue, but the results will speak for themselves. Using the same toolbox that they use for background checks and undercover operations; private investigators can come into a business and conduct a thorough investigation without disrupting daily operations.


Corporate Law Consultation

In-house counsel works hard to protect your business in legal matters, but sometimes that can be the source of the issue. Lauth evaluates your litigation process to identify cracks in the system and provides expert recommendations to fortify your legal fortress.

Company Culture

Do you have an accurate picture of your company’s culture?

Moral and Teamwork

Our investigators evaluate all personnel operations from hiring to termination. They identify risk factors within the process and current personnel, as well as identify subcultures within the workforce and how they contribute to the organization’s mission.

Engaged Learning and Environment

When employees are not engaged, they negatively contribute to the flow of productivity within the business. Our investigators identify issues both within leadership and lower-level employees. We provide effective, practical solutions that properly motivate employees to give 110% in their corporate capacity.

Positive Behavior and Leadership

The cycle of healthy corporate culture begins with healthy leadership. At Lauth, we believe positive leadership can overcome most issues within the cycle of corporate culture. That’s why we provide leadership with expert recommendations to reduce their stress and increase their output.

Level 1

We begin by fully evaluating internal processes by conducting interviews with leadership, relevant personnel, and a survey of brick & mortar sites and/or intra-corporate platforms of communication. We identify the most pervasive, top-priority issues and providing leadership with recommendations for growth.

Level 2

When an imminent threat is identified, Lauth investigators use their full tool chest of investigative prowess to conduct interviews, gather evidence, and draw a conclusion to assist leadership in removing malignant factors from their internal operations.

Level 3

Active Shooter Training is education every brick-and-mortar business should consider, especially when there are personnel or security issues that might proceed an imminent threat of workplace violence. Lauth’s qualified team of instructors empower leadership and employees alike with the knowledge they need to feel safe and secure in their daily capacities.


of managers have experienced a corporate crisis in their current or former capacity


of employee lawsuits result in employees being awarded ~$165,000


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