Case Study | Valerie’s First Case

Valerie’s First Case

Lauth Investigations is excited to share with you a series of case studies detailing the lives that our company has impacted. We’ve reached out and selected our favorite cases, this one being from the Return Assets Division. This case study is from Valarie Gennai, a vital Claims Researcher at Lauth Investigations. For privacy reasons, the names of the clients have been changed to pseudonyms

Getting her feet wet

Early in the process of starting her career here at Lauth Investigations, Valerie came across a claim for approximately $8,500 due to a man named Stephen. After finding the right contact information for him in North Carolina, Valerie called him on the phone. She revealed to him that the assets were from a Death Benefit that belonged to his father Louis, upon his passing.  Louis had passed away quite some time ago. Sometimes, these assets just get lost and forgotten about until our researchers are able to research and find them.

When asked if Lauth Investigations could assist him in getting this money recovered and back to him, Stephen replied, “Even if it were $25.00, I would want the money because I can sure use it”.  This was one of the first moments that Valerie realized the importance of what we do here at Lauth Investigations. We reunite people with what rightfully belongs to them, sometimes at a crossroads in their lives. If $25.00 could help him, think about the impact of the rest of the money, we would be able to return to him. 

While still learning the systems we use at Lauth: Return Assets, Valerie was quick to navigate the process. She learned about how to generate documents, write up the Intake Sheet, find obits, order Death Certificates, order Probate Records, and so much more. It was a real learning experience for Valerie, using many of the same processes she uses today.

A Sense of Closure

Part of the process of proving a claim is not only proving your identity and heirship but also finding that you are the sole remaining heir. In the discovery process of this case, Valerie learned that there was one more potential heir. Stephen had a brother, Alex, who unfortunately passed away very young. Since he’s technically still an heir, Valerie had to prove that while he still was, his death nullified the payout.

Valerie was involved in the process of getting a death certificate of Alex, and through the discovery process, Stephen learned things about his brother’s passing that he didn’t know before, which gave him a sense of closure. Stephen was very appreciative throughout the process and was very helpful in providing the information to get this claim processed quickly. When asked about this case, Valerie was over the moon to have been a part of it from start to finish.  

Stories like these are a big reason why Lauth Investigations: Return Assets Division does what it does. We’re able to use our unique skillsets to help people get their assets returned to them. Not only did Stephen receive his payout (which he was able to use immediately), but he was able to find out more about the events that led to his brothers’ passing when they were young. Stephen was very appreciative of his time working with Lauth, and we’re excited to continue this work. We’ve been able to return over $60 million dollars to people since our organization began and look forward to continuing to grow that number.

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