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As a professional, attorneys constantly have spinning plates in the air. Each case deserves its own specialized attention and approach, which can be difficult when the caseload is high. There are hundreds if not thousands of documents that need to be reviewed, witnesses that need to be interviewed, and on top of all that, the emphasis on case law. It’s a demanding job that demands the correct tools. Many attorneys turn to the expertise of a private investigator to provide support in investigation. Private investigators have the necessary skills and autonomy that are perfect for attorney support. The Lauth Investigations International team of private investigators are ready to provide our clients with diligent and comprehensive attorney support to ensure their client gets the best defense available.

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Combing Databases

Private investigators have access to a wide range of databases and public records that can be used to gather valuable information about a case. This includes criminal records, driving records, financial records, and more. By combing through these databases, private investigators can uncover crucial information that may be difficult or impossible for attorneys to obtain on their own.

Locating Witnesses

One of the most important tasks that private investigators can perform for attorneys is locating witnesses. In many cases, witnesses are reluctant to come forward or may be difficult to find. Private investigators have the skills and resources to track down witnesses, interview them, and gather valuable information that can help attorneys build a stronger case.

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Offering Expert Testimony

In addition to gathering information and locating witnesses, private investigators can also offer expert testimony on the stand during court proceedings. As highly trained professionals, private investigators can provide valuable insights and analysis based on their knowledge and experience. This can be especially helpful in cases where complex or technical issues are involved.

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Conducting Surveillance

Private investigators are also skilled at conducting surveillance, which can be a valuable tool for attorneys in many types of cases. Whether it’s tracking the movements of a person of interest or gathering evidence to support a claim, private investigators can use a variety of techniques to conduct surveillance discreetly and effectively.

Promissory Estoppel

Providing Support and Guidance

Finally, private investigators can provide valuable support and guidance to attorneys throughout the course of a case. From helping to develop a strategy to providing regular updates on the progress of an investigation, private investigators can be a valuable partner to attorneys as they work to build a strong case.

A private investigator is the multi-tool every attorney needs to help build their case. Because of their independence from any law enforcement agency, private investigators carry a degree of objectivity in their solutions. Private investigators are also not bound by any kind of jurisdictional restrictions that would otherwise prevent law enforcement from following leads out of state. This means that no stone is left unturned in the investigation. Private investigators can have different specializations depending on their practice, but each comes with a similar skillset that allows them to shed light on a case and provide crucial context. Lauth Investigation International’s private investigators are comprised of former military and law enforcement personnel, each bringing a unique experience to the profession that allows them to apply intelligence methodology with diversity and diligence.

Attorney Support with Lauth Investigations

Attorney Support

Attorney support means finding and reviewing necessary intelligence documents in order to prepare dossiers on the relevant subjects in the case. Private investigators have access to verified databases similar to that of law enforcement that allow them to build comprehensive background checks on relevant subjects. They are experienced in bringing crucial context to a subject’s background check—reviewing items such as criminal history, work history, and address history. These facts are placed in context to the investigation, and private investigators provide recommendations based on facts found.

When seeking attorney support services, it’s important attorneys seek private investigators who have diverse experience in locating and developing a rapport with witnesses. Those comprehensive background checks generated by the private investigator are the first stepping stone in a skip-trace operation to locate witnesses. Once witnesses are located, private investigators are trained to develop a good rapport that allows witnesses to feel more comfortable giving information the case. In cases where witnesses are notoriously uncooperative with law enforcement, having a private investigator speak to a witness can yield more helpful results, because they do not have powers of arrest. This can dislodge the jam in the investigation, allowing private investigators to make further case progress.

Criminal Defense

The average criminal defense attorney bills clients for between 1000-1500 hours for a single case. In the case of criminal trials, those figures can double or even triple relative to the complexity of the case. A criminal charge added to the case can also exacerbate this. A defense attorney is the first line of defense when it comes to representing their client, and in some ways, a criminal defense investigator is the last. Much like a nurse in an emergency room catches mistakes of doctors, having a seasoned private investigator on your defense team can fill in the cracks of your case. Private investigators know that due-diligence is the name of the game in a criminal defense. That means turning over every rock and exhausting every lead in the name of getting justice for the defendant.

Lauth and its private investigators can pick up the slack for overburdened criminal defense attorney, reducing the workload so attorneys can better serve their clients. Lauth’s investigators are also trained in providing witness testimony and our independence can deliver another level of integrity to your case. We are dedicated to providing quality support to the community and playing a role in getting justice for clients. Our services can be applied to a variety of criminal defense investigations, including but not limited to:

  • Domestic violence
  • Homicides
  • Drug crime
  • Federal crime
  • White collar crime
  • Fraud & theft
  • Defendant background
Lauth Investigations provides criminal defense support
lauth investigations can help with harassment and discrimination cases

Harassment and Discrimination

Harassment and discrimination come in many forms, but usually occur within the workplace. When an employee has been the victim of such harassment or discrimination, they are often faced with a nuanced legal battle that involves pitting their word against the abuser. The attorney representing the former employee will need all the intelligence they need to prove their client’s case. Private investigators can use background checks, surveillance, and undercover operations to garner as much information available on the worksite, leadership, and internal processes to validate the victim’s claims of harassment or discrimination. Undercover operations are popular services in harassment and discrimination investigations, because documenting a person’s behavior when they believe no one is watching is paramount to getting to the truth. One of the most attractive aspects to hiring a private investigator for cases of harassment and discrimination is their complete independence and autonomy. Their professional independence from either a law firm or police department adds another layer of integrity to the facts found in any case. Like any expert witness, private investigators are paid for their services, but seeing as how their trade is in truth, it is against their best interests to lie in their reports or on the witness stand. With a private investigator’s autonomy, no lead will remain unexplored due to jurisdictional issues. Private investigators can follow other former employees who might be witnesses out of state in order to get their version of events

Uncovering Debtor Assets

Particularly in mergers and acquisitions, intelligence is often needed regarding corporations and their leadership, but the applications do not stop there. Whether in litigation or private recovery, private investigators have the expertise and resources to uncover debtor assets. Divorce proceedings, corporate mergers, and estate settlement are just the beginning of how Lauth’s intelligence services can give you a clear financial picture in uncertain circumstances.

When engaging in an asset location investigation, make sure you have the Lauth brand of due-diligence on your side. We have a dedicated team of researchers who scour open source intelligence and verified databases Our investigators are comprised of former military and law enforcement who have diverse experience in fact-finding through verified databases. Let us find answers for you today. Our services apply to many different asset location situations, including but not limited to: 

  • Genealogy
  • Probate
  • Estate
  • Capital gain
  • Tax evasion
  • Retirement account
  • Qualified dividends
  • Traditional IRA
  • Municipal bonds
  • Investments
  • Tax shelters
  • Stock funds


Lauth Investigations can help uncover debtors assets

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