Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy

At Lauth Investigations International, we hold ourselves to the highest level of integrity and confidentiality when it comes to putting valuable intelligence in the hands of our clients. We know that our clients may have concerns on how LII handles the sensitive information on their cases and their lives. Read below about the methodology of our fact-finding and our standards for protecting your privacy.

In private investigations, confidentiality is the name of the game. Our investigators are trained to move unseen in order to get the intelligence our clients need. Our mission is to carry out each investigation with due-diligence and discretion. We pride our team of private investigators on always maintaining strict ethical and professional standards when it comes to our clients’ personal information. Our team is comprised of former military and law enforcement personnel with diverse training in both overt and covert investigations.

Your privacy is important to us. We will not sell, trade, or give your personal information to any other entity. We do not disclose identifying information, including your email address. We only collect personal information relevant to the case. This Privacy Policy describes the client, the individual contracting LII for private investigation services, and how the information they offer is applied, stored, and retained.

Our Intake and Investigation

In addition to personal information our clients enter on the website, our private investigators will need to collect and catalogue personal information about our clients and the facts of their case at the onset of the interview. The purpose of this intake is to build a strong foundation for a swift and efficient investigation—to uncover leads and develop a comprehensive strategy for the investigation. There are usually three types of personal client information:

Information you provide: LII private investigators may collect and store personal client information entered into our website and provided to us by that client. This includes identifying information, including but not limited to names addresses, birthdays, social security number, email address, and telephone number. If you subscribe to our newsletter, we will store your name and email address so you can receive our monthly updates.

Information from other sources: Our private investigators typically interview other witnesses and consult verified public databases regarding information on our client and the relevant subjects in their case. Information from these sources can include but are not limited to information about job performance, interpersonal relationships, credit history, and litigation history.

Information about others: As part of our fact-finding, LII collects and stores other personal information about subjects in our clients’ lives who are relevant to the case. We exercise the same level of caution and discretion regarding all information gathered during an investigation and exercise due-diligence in making sure your information is protected.

This fact-finding is crucial to laying a solid foundation of any case. We use our clients’ personal information to achieve the goals specifically outlined by our clients. We do not share this information with third parties unless specifically instructed by the client or compelled by law. 

We use the information provided to us by our clients to set up their casefile, verify their identity, and forward important updates on case progression. We also use information provided to us by our clients to fulfill any legal obligations that might arise as the result of any case solutions. We only process this information out of our clients’ legitimate interests objectively and with good faith.

We safeguard our clients’ information by placing all available barriers between their information and the outside world, such as physical, digital, and human checkpoints to keep external threats out of reach. When we collect sensitive information, we encrypt it and store it in a secure way. The security of our website is confirmed by the closed lock that appears next to our web address. We encrypt our clients’ personal information online while also protecting it offline with security systems at our offices located around the country.

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By using this website, you consent to the collection and use of information as specified above. If we make changes to our Privacy Policy, we post those changes on this page. Please review this page often to remain up-to-date on our Privacy Policy.