Digital Forensics

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Digital forensics is a disciplined type of forensic science in which digital data is recovered and catalogued specifically for investigation purposes. This means probing into the information stored on electronic devices, smart devices, cloud drives, and other forms of computer technology. Most digital devices or vessels have a proverbial “black box” of information that can be a cornucopia of invaluable information applicable to a varied list of investigation types. 

A digital forensics investigator can recover vital documents, photos, email correspondence, hard drive catalogues and files, and other forms of digital storage that could be relevant to the investigation. In addition, documenting a Subject’s digital footprint in cyberspace as well—how often they were active, what websites they visited, and on which devices. 

Lauth private investigators and intelligence analysts exercise the highest degree of due diligence in the digital forensic process, beginning with identifying the location where data is stored, followed by the preservation of the data, and then combing it for a comprehensive analysis for purposes of establishing its overall context. At the conclusion of a digital forensics’ investigation, our qualified staff prepares detailed reports documenting the full breadth of the data with informational summaries to meet our clients’ fact-finding needs. Perhaps most importantly, our team goes the extra mile to document and preserve chain of custody regarding all digital data to pave the way for any subsequent litigation following the investigation.   

While digital forensic investigations are often associated with cybercrime, the real-world applications of digital forensics can be very diverse.  

Digital forensic applications: 

  • Vehicle crash data recovery & analytics
  • Traffic accident reconstruction 
  • Electronic data recovery
  • Corporate incident response




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