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Getting crucial information for complex decisions 

Background checks can provide peace of mind in both our personal and corporate lives. Whether you’re looking to hire a new nanny to care for your children, or choosing which prospective candidate to hire, the wealth of information included in a background check is essential to making an informed decision. With Lauth’s suite of background investigation services, our clients can have confidence in their discernment with verified, comprehensive facts in their hands.  

Lauth private investigators use diverse methodology and analysis in conducting background investigations through licensed databases for a thorough, contextual history on the Subject(s) in your case for a myriad of corporate and legal applications that can be customized for all our clients needs:  

  • Comprehensive employee background screening
  • Diligent field surveillance & evidence-gathering 
  • Financial history
  • Criminal history
  • Residential history
  • Litigation history
  • National registries 
  • Employment verification 
  • Education credentials 
  • Driving history
  • License verification 
  • Character references
  • Social media scraping 
  • Digital newspapers & periodicals

Corporate Background Checks 

Background investigations and screenings for corporate entities, from hourly employees to C-level executives, are an invaluable investment in the longevity of any business. Not only do these services mitigate liability and exercise due diligence within the corporate structure but check investigations can save an employer millions over the years as a major tool for identifying risks in job applicants and screening them out to ensure the best team members for your business. Every Human Resources Department should be investing in background check services for their employment screening so they can have all the facts regarding an applicant’s history. By the same token, if the company is seeking to appoint new leadership, contract a new vendor, or vet a potential partner, background investigations are also essential. Lauth’s background check investigation services can be customized based on the client’s specific needs.  

Corporate applications:  

  • Mergers & acquisitions 
  • Business partnerships
  • Vendors & independent contractors
  • Employment screenings
  • Executives with fiduciary responsibilities
  • Corporate litigation 
  • Supervisory board candidates

Why Choose Lauth 

Sifting through documentation and reaching out to verify references can mean significant time lost to the schedules of your core team and their primary objectives. Outsourcing these efforts can not only yield more cost-efficient results, but it also means gaining access to substantially greater insight. 

Licensed private investigators from Lauth Investigations leverage their capacity to access restricted and verified databases, uncovering information about your potential recruits that would otherwise remain obscure. The result is greater clarity and objectivity, allowing you to eliminate those who might pose a risk, and perceive promising talent without the haze of bias—not to mention, without the risk of later accusation of discrimination. Our team has more than 50 years of combined experience, with diverse experience in federal, state, and local investigations to ensure that every aspect of a background check investigation is considered from all conceivable angles. Finally, choosing to partner with a skilled private and corporate investigations firm means enjoying peace of mind that federal, state, and local regulations regarding background checks are always met with full compliance.  

  • Quality-controlled methodology 
  • Diverse resources
  • Verified databases
  • Experienced intelligence analysts
  • Former military & law enforcement personnel
  • Comprehensive client solutions 
  • Integrity of service



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