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In Pursuit of Truth

When your business is the target of an internal or external fraud, you deserve a fraud investigator who will leave no stone unturned in exposing the culprit of the crime.

Fraud & forgery crimes are two crimes that pose the largest long-term risk to a corporation if they go on undetected. From email scams to insurance fraud, fraud can be the wound that lets your corporation slowly bleed out. Don’t allow your business to be exploited by financial crime. With Lauth’s fraud investigation services, you can expose misconduct in your midst. Call Lauth today to get a quote on our diverse list of intelligence services for fraud investigations that can provide you with the clarity you need for your corporate life. We use verified databases and diligent practices in order to get to the bottom of your corporate crisis. Our fraud investigators are former military and law enforcement personnel who have the diverse experience necessary to get answers for you. Our fraud and forgery investigations can provide insight into many corporate crises, including:

How Lauth can help you with your fraud & forgery crisis.


Lauth uses the latest in surveillance technology to expose the unseen factors within any workplace. Our investigators have a wealth of experience in threat identification and risk assessment with regards to the safety of the workplace.

Background checks

Lauth uses verified databases to secure a comprehensive background report on the relevant Subjects in any fraud or forgery case. Our investigators are trained to view a person’s criminal, financial, address, and litigation history to identify significant risk factors and provide expert recommendations for our clients and their businesses.

Undercover operations

Our investigators have the necessary tool chest to conduct objective, covert undercover operations within any organization, seeking the unseen factors in any workplace.

Evidence gathering

Combined with our surveillance technology to bring certainty to fraud & forgery investigations, our investigators are highly trained in discreet evidence gathering to support their findings in the case.


With the help of verified databases, Lauth’s skip-trace services allow investigators to locate Subjects and relevant parties in any fraud or forgery investigation.

Why clients need our services

A 2018 crime report indicates that at least 49% of corporations experienced instances of corporate fraud in recent years—and those are just the corporations who reported the crime. A great deal of corporate fraud occurs under the radar, and that’s where corporations need to turn to private investigators to get to the truth.

Some corporations would rather write fraud or forgery off as a loss and not initiate a financial fraud investigation, which can be an incredibly short-sighted decision. Implicitly, if you do not know the origin of the original fraud, how can you prevent it from happening again in the future? This is why a fraud & forgery investigation is necessary. Private investigators are trained to get to the bottom of these frauds, mitigate the risks involved, and provide leadership with recommendations for a more secure future.

It doesn’t take a private investigator to understand why corporations might want to handle suspected fraud internally. Fraud investigations conducted by internal employees are much easier to keep out of the public eye, and it ensures the interests of the corporation are protected. Internal investigations are inherently non-objective, and private investigators can give you the full context with a fraud investigation.

Private investigators can investigate fraud very discreetly, starting with comprehensive background checks on principle subjects in the case. Private investigators are trained to search verified sources and cross-reference those backgrounds with the human sources in the investigation and other sources. These background checks can develop valuable leads in a fraud investigation, allowing private investigators to look at a subject’s history and identify possible risk factors.

A private investigator has the ability to investigate fraud claims without attracting the attention of the internal workforce. If the fraud is being perpetrated from within, a fraud investigation could arouse suspicion and evidence can be eroded. Lauth private investigators are trained to conduct covert investigations in the field in order to develop additional leads and identify subjects in the case.

At the conclusion of a fraud investigation, our fraud investigators prepare comprehensive reports and provide expert recommendations in order to prevent fraud in the future. Lauth’s fraud investigators have also collaborated with law enforcement as necessary in order to facilitate the next steps in any criminal investigation.

In addition to providing context on current fraud & forgery crimes, Lauth Investigations International private investigators can also provide leadership with insight into internal fraud and forgery by evaluating a business’s corporate culture. There are many types of internal crisis that can be prevented with a company culture audit, and fraud is no exception. 

Regardless of motive, fraud is indicative of a malignancy in your business. When a company’s management does not show initiative to improve operations surrounding these types of complaints, it can create a culture of silence & resentment within the workforce. Healthy corporate culture creates a cycle of satisfaction and productivity that both benefits the bottom line and improves employee engagement for a balanced, stream of operations.

If you’re experiencing patterns of fraud in your workplace, the problem might be more serious than you think. An isolated incident, experienced infrequently, can be just that—an isolated incident. A pattern of  workplace fraud, even if the frauds are of a different scale, is symptomatic of a poor corporate culture. Corporate culture is how policy, enforcement of that policy, and engagement between employees directly effect the quality of life within a workplace. When good policy is not in place, or when good policy is not enforced is usually the crack where fraud manages to penetrate a business. The good news is that a corporate culture audit can find the source of these oversights and provide leadership with recommendations on how to improve it. Learn more about our corporate culture audit program here.

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