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Worker’s compensation is an important piece of the corporate structure that assists employees in getting the care they need to get well again. Lauth investigates worker’s compensation claims with due-diligence and objectivity in the interest of documenting the unseen factors in worker’s compensation claims.

How Lauth can help with your Worker’s Compensation Investigation


Lauth uses the latest in surveillance technology to bring certainty to FMLA investigations. Our investigators are comprised of former military and law enforcement professionals who are trained in proven surveillance methodology to capture unseen factors in FMLA investigations.

Background Checks

Lauth uses verified databases to secure a comprehensive background report on the relevant Subjects in the case. Lauth’s investigators are trained to view a person’s criminal, financial, address, and litigation history to identify significant risk factors and provide expert recommendations for our lcients and their families.

Witness Location

Lauth investigators use a diverse experience in canvassing to locate and develop a rapport with witnesses with relevant information in the FMLA claim.

Evidence gathering

Combined with our surveillance technology to bring certainty to FMLA investigations, our investigators are highly trained in discreet evidence gathering to suppor ttheir findings in the case.

Why clients need our services

Workers compensation insurance protects employees who are hurt on the job. Most employers and their workers are very honest. Only a small number scam this coverage for personal profit, but the damage they cause is enormous. Workers comp fraud is a large crime in America today. Tens of billions of dollars in false claims and unpaid premiums are stolen every year.

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