Case Study | FMLA Fraud | FMLA Folly

FMLA Fraud | FMLA Folly

Ensuring that employees do not abuse FMLA leave is paramount to preserving the integrity of these protections.

Lauth Investigations International was contacted by a Client representing a manufacturer that received an FMLA request from one of its employees. The Subject claimed that he required leave because he had worsening fibromyalgia, and possible rheumatoid arthritis that was currently being evaluated by his physician.

The Investigation

Lauth investigators used thorough due-diligence and intelligence gathering to determine whether or not the Subject’s FMLA claim was fraudulent.

Lauth investigators positioned themselves outside of Subject’s residence, ready to document any physicality on behalf of the Subject that would contradict his request for FMLA leave. Lauth investigators also conducted surveillance at the home of subject’s mother, but Subject was never observed at the residence. Surveillance conducted at the Subject’s home revealed that Subject’s wife was the individual coming and going from the house the most often, as well as a handful of unidentified females who would arrive at the residence and stay a short while before leaving the neighborhood again. Investigators were also able to observe a motorcycle parked in the garage of the Subject’s residence. Over the course of surveillance, Lauth investigators were only able to document a single instance of Subject exerting significant physicality when he unloaded an SUV that included heavy boxes and totes.

The Solution

Lauth provided the Client with all documentation of the Subject’s observable movements, including photographs, video, and case notes from surveillance investigators. The Client elected not to pursue the matter further.

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