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Cracking Cold Cases: Unsolved Homicides Services

Bringing Closure to Unsolved Homicides: How Lauth Investigations International Can Help

The sense of loss and sadness is overwhelming when a loved one suddenly disappears or becomes the victim of an unsolved murder case. All you get is a daunting list of unanswered questions and a suffocating desire for justice. This is where we come in. At Lauth Investigations International, we see your case and will do everything it takes to solve the case with new eyes and renewed hope. We aim to trace the direction once it has misled authorities and you have accepted.

The Impact of Unsolved Cases on Families

An unresolved case has a dramatic and enduring influence on a family’s existence, acting as an echo. It’s a trip filled with unanswered questions and unhealed hurts.

The Mental Cost

One of a family’s hardest struggles is navigating life after a terrible incident. The uncertainty makes it less painful. Grief may become a tangled web with no way out when answers and justice are lacking, impacting relationships, sleep, and even day-to-day functioning. An unresolved case leaves a deep vacuum that affects every aspect of life. 

Seeking Closure

The closure is more than just a wish for families caught up in the mystery of an unresolved case; it’s essential to their ability to go on. Piecing together the story of what transpired is more important than just apprehending a suspect. It’s essential to transition from a never-ending state of grieving to remembering and healing. Families that don’t have it are stuck in the moment of death and are unable to move on or find closure.

The Ripple Effect on Mental Health 

An unresolved case’s never-ending cycle of optimism and sorrow may be very detrimental to one’s mental health. Families that are struggling with the unresolved nature of their loss often experience depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This psychological load might negatively impact each family member’s well-being, relationships, and life.

The Strain on Family Dynamics 

Unresolved grief may affect family interactions, resulting in disputes, confusion, and isolation. Different coping mechanisms among members may lead to rifts and complicate the process of shared grief even more. Maintaining normality is difficult when the unsolved case overshadows family get-togethers, conversations, and even happy times.

The Search for Solutions

Families frequently find that searching for answers in an unresolved case becomes an obsession. While it’s essential for finding closure, this quest may cost significant money and mental strength. It’s a difficult road, requiring looking for fresh information and advocating for ongoing law enforcement support. Nevertheless, many families follow this route nonstop, driven by love and an unwavering pursuit of justice.

The Challenges of Unsolved Cases

In an unresolved murder case, even the most attentive and skilled police agencies may come to a dead end. Evidence may be misplaced or handled improperly, witnesses may withdraw or refuse to speak, and sometimes the investigation ends. This doesn’t imply that the situation cannot be solved; rather, it often indicates the need for fresh insight.

Unbelievably, cold cases—criminal investigations abandoned because of insufficient evidence—occur more often than you imagine. Only 45% of violent crimes result in an arrest and prosecution, according to the FBI. This figure demonstrates the enormous obstacles law enforcement must overcome to solve crimes and provide justice to victims and their relatives’ families.

Our Approach: A Fresh Perspective

When confronted with the shadow of an unresolved case, a new point of view might shed light on previously unknown possibilities. By shedding new light on your unanswered questions, we aim to provide that ray of hope.

A New Set of Eyes

A new viewpoint is more than simply a slogan at Lauth Investigations International; it’s our pledge. Our seasoned private investigators find fresh leads and explore ignored routes to change stuck cases with fairness and insight. This creative method might revitalize your search for solutions.

Working closely with Families

 Our collaboration with the relatives of the victims is based on communication. We guarantee your involvement in the investigation by giving you regular updates and perspectives. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with engagement and the peace of mind that comes with resolution, not just to solve the case.

Making Use of Modern Technology

 In the modern world, technology has revolutionized the way crimes are solved. To examine the evidence, we use cutting-edge digital technologies and forensic techniques, which range from improving video footage to tracking digital traces. This technical advantage often reveals previously undiscovered pathways and linkages.

Making Use of a Worldwide Network

 Our influence goes much beyond regional boundaries. We can trace leads across borders and get information that may be inaccessible to others because of our extensive worldwide network of connections and resources. For situations where jurisdictions are not clear, this vast network is essential. 

Working Together with Professionals

We work with forensic specialists, legal experts, and others to guarantee a thorough investigation. This multi-disciplinary strategy enhances our research by combining a variety of specialties to address challenging problems.

The Importance of Private Investigations in Unsolved Cases

The Importance of Private Investigations in Unsolved Cases

In unresolved instances, searching for the truth is sometimes a convoluted labyrinth. As the guides, private investigators find hints and connections that lead to the solution to the problem at hand.

Creating New Leads

Answers to puzzles remain elusive until fresh information is discovered. Our investigation methods, which include reexamining material and using state-of-the-art technology, sometimes turn up crucial leads that advance cases.

Filling the Gap

We bridge the gaps created by conventional investigations by acting as a point of contact between the relatives of the victims and the police. Our independence enables us to pursue leads and get information that could otherwise go unreported, expanding the field of investigation and supporting law enforcement efforts.

Enhancing Witness Cooperation

Witnesses could become more open to providing information with time. Our investigators are experts in fostering communication and establishing trust, which often leads to the discovery of vital testimony that may completely change the direction of a case.

Examining Physical Evidence Again

Thanks to developments in forensic science, evidence formerly considered equivocal might now provide clear results. Reexamining tangible evidence is our priority, and we use the most recent forensic methods to build the case and find fresh information.

Advocating for Victims

We represent the victims and their families as advocates and conduct investigations. We want to ensure that every victim’s tale is heard and not lost by keeping cases in the public view and putting forth endless effort to find a resolution.


Families who have lost a loved one to an unexplained death or an unsolved murder may live in constant fear and uncertainty, searching for closure and justice. Our goal at Lauth Investigations International is to provide clients with those solutions. We work hard to provide justice and closure to individuals waiting too long by approaching each case from a different angle, collaborating directly with the victims’ families, and producing fresh leads. Remember that a case is never settled until it is; our goal is to ensure the day arrives as quickly as possible.

Lauth Strategies

  • Document Retrieval and Expert Investigative Review
  • Extensive witness interviews
  • Detailed Background Investigations
  • Covert Surveillance and Fact-Finding
  • Interviews Media Awareness, Tipline Creation, and Online Presence
  • Collaboration and Cooperation with Law Enforcement

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