Uncovering Debtor Assets Services

Revealing Hidden Wealth: Uncovering Debtor Assets Services

Uncovering Debtor Assets: Your Guide to Informed Decisions

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Personal or corporate financial problems are best handled with accurate information and informed decisions. We want you to gain the necessary insight to make informed decisions and recognize assets’ exact location and scope. Follow our guidance to guide you through this process.

The Importance of Asset Location Investigations

Asset location is not all about seeing what someone owns. It is about being aware of the comprehensive financial composition that can greatly impact numerous situations. The specific reasons for conducting asset investigations can be extremely different, but they are always done due to the need for transparency and truth. Whether for genealogy research, probate procedures, determining an estate’s worth, or even in cases of capital gains or tax evasion, the clarity of the assets can be very critical.

By the end of the first quarter of 2023, the UK’s general gross government debt was specified at £2.5 trillion, while the total personal debt figurative at the British population was raised at £1.84 trillion. These numbers speak for themselves in the huge public opinion cost to the UK government at state and personal levels. Finding assets requires a lot of work. Unlike many other crimes, assets may be hidden, and their claims to proceeds may be entangled in complex legal structures or spread across different jurisdictions. 

Americans saved $7.2 trillion in 401(k) accounts and $13 trillion in IRA accounts by the second quarter of 2023. The average 401(k) employee contribution rate in 2022 per paycheck was 7.4%, indicating greater participation in retirement savings among the employees. Still, it also shows the challenges of accumulating retirement savings sufficiently for all.

Our Asset Location Services

We implement expertise, meticulousness, and state-of-the-art technology through our asset location process to generate optimal results. All of our service areas cover many different needs, allowing us to help a wide variety of people in various situations.

Genealogy and Probate

Through this process, we try to combine different elements of art and science to locate people who died with assets in probate cases. We help in the difficult process of tracing through historical records, title deeds, and financial papers to establish equity distribution among heirs. This involves extensive research to discover wills, deeds, and other legal documents that can shed light on particular individuals’ estates, bringing families peace and closure when situations are difficult.

Tax Implications

Working through the complicated details of tax laws requires eyesight and knowledge of economic legislation. The scope of our services embraces the discovery of non-declared capital gains and the unmasking of complex tax evasion schemes, which in turn help our clients comply with tax legislation and tax fairness. We can locate financial records in offshore accounts and investment portfolios to identify inaccuracies, thus fixing them before they become legal issues.

Retirement and Investment Accounts

The implication is that many people’s retirement accounts and investment portfolios result from long-term planning and saving. We are responsible for settling some assets, including the identification and valuation of those assets for long-term planning and recovery. If an unclaimed pension plan from a prior employer or a marketable investment account has escaped your notice, our team will thoroughly evaluate and audit these assets. The value of such service is exceptional, ensuring future security for all those looking to consolidate their financial plans.

Unclaimed Assets

The total value amounts to billions of dollars and remains unreturned to their legal owners when it comes to dormant wages, forsaken dividends, and countless other unclaimed assets. We are the best at finding those assets and bringing them back. It goes through a detailed search of government data, financial figures, and company records. We close the gap between missing assets and their owners by thoroughly searching government databases, financial institutions, and business records. This often provides people and families with unexpected financial relief.

Legal and Corporate Investigations

The consequences of failing to uncover assets in legal and corporate investigations are high, resulting in a higher chance of losing the case and poor managerial decisions. Our support of legal professionals and corporations is not limited to asset location. We also provide evidence for making informed decisions. Whatever type of investigation, whether for dispute resolution, compliance audit, or mergers and acquisitions, our investigation strength ensures that our clients make informed decisions.

How Our Services Uncover Debtor Assets?

How Our Services Uncover Debtor Assets?

A methodical technique is necessary to find assets that are concealed or unreported. Our company uses many tactics to guarantee a thorough inquiry. Surveillance, background checks, and witness testimony are prominent techniques among them. The following outlines the critical function that each approach plays in locating debtor assets:



In our asset discovery procedure, surveillance is a crucial tool. To get proof of hidden assets involves keeping an eye on a subject’s behavior, finances, and way of life.

The main goal of surveillance is to watch and record the subject’s regular contacts and transactions to learn information about assets. This might include dealing with high-value things, going to banks, or meeting financial experts.

While closely abiding by legal and ethical guidelines, we use modern technology, such as GPS tracking and digital monitoring, to guarantee efficient surveillance.

Background Check

A thorough background investigation is essential to learning about a subject’s financial past and possible assets. Examining financial accounts, public records, and other relevant papers is part of this process.

To offer a complete picture of a person’s financial situation, background checks examine various data sources, such as credit reports, court records, property records, and company ownership information.

These investigations are essential to finding hidden homes, investments, and other valuables that the person may not have revealed and spot disparities between stated and real assets 

Witness Testimony

Getting evidence from those aware of the debtor’s assets might provide important information. This process involves interviewing friends, relatives, business acquaintances, and other pertinent witnesses.

Our method for obtaining witness testimony is compiling a list of possible witnesses, interviewing them in-depth, and verifying their testimonies with the evidence that is already accessible. 

We ensure that the information acquired is reliable and lawfully obtained by conducting all interviews with the highest regard for privacy and legal constraints.

The Lauth Difference

How Our Services Uncover Debtor Assets?

Whether you hire Lauth means teaming up with a company that unites expertise with technology and the human factor to offer the best asset location assistance. The quality of our services is shown by using surveillance, background checks, and witness testimony to review debtor’s assets efficiently. Here’s why our approach makes a difference: Here’s why our approach makes a difference:

  • Expert Investigators: We, as a team, have experience in the military and law enforcement, which gives us a special investigative ability.
  • Advanced Technology: We offer the most recent visualization and data analysis technologies, producing high-quality, actionable intelligence.
  • Ethical Standards: Our investigations aim at the highest standards to guarantee secrecy and legal course.
  • Client-Centered Focus: We customize our offerings to meet our clients’ exact requirements, thus offering them the most personalized and efficient solutions.


Selecting us means working with a team that truly cares about your family. At Lauth Investigations International, our primary objective is to investigate the case and protect your child from possible threats. We know these are tough times, but we’re here to help make them easier. We are good at what we do, finding crucial issues that affect you and your children. We are proud to be a community where each child has a reason to smile and can be assured they are safe and happy. And we work every single day to bring these things to reality.

Lauth Strategies

  • Comprehensive Background Investigation
  • Debt analysis
  • Physical and Tangible Asset Focused Searches
  • Covert Surveillance and Fact-Finding Interviews
  • Cyber Analysis of Complex Records
  • Verification of Data

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