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Despite best efforts, law enforcement sometimes cannot make a meaningful intervention in a person’s personal crisis to bring about positive change. Law enforcement entities at multiple jurisdictional levels often find themselves stretched in manpower and resources, which forces them to develop a triage of civil interest in which crimes of direct, escalating violence and expansive scope are prioritized. Lower level crimes of relatively lower violence or effect can slip through the cracks and become another unresolved casefile. Under the worst of circumstances, instances of harassment, bullying, discrimination, extortion, bribery, or other crimes against persons can have devastating consequences if left unchecked. When intervention is needed, count on the professional intuition and methodology of a licensed private investigator to seek comprehensive solutions to complex problems. Lauth’s private investigators are  dedicated to investigating crimes against persons who have not received justice from standard law enforcement. Our Crimes Against Persons services can be curtailed and personalized for your case. Our private investigators use decades of experience and a diverse toolbox to bring intelligence and justice to victims of personal crimes. Our services can be applied to an assortment of investigation types:

Extortion & Bribery


& Discrimination

How Lauth can help you with your case.

Background Checks

Lauth uses verified databases and cross-reference methodology to secure a comprehensive background report on the relevant subjects in any case. Lauth investigators are trained to view a person’s criminal, financial, address, and litigation history to identify significant risk factors and provide expert recommendations for our clients and their families.


With the help of verified databases and intelligence from our clients, Lauth’s skip-trace services allow investigations to locate Subjects and relevant parties to the case for your investigative purposes.

Witness Location

Lauth investigators use verified databases and diverse experience in canvassing to locate and speak to witnesses with relevant information to the case. We develop amiable rapport with witnesses and work with them to document their accounts, service as qualified liasons between witnesses and our clients.


Lauth uses the latest in su,veillance technology to bring certainty to child custody investigations. Our investigators are comprised of fromer military and law enforcement who are trained in proven surveillance methodology to capture the truth.

Risk Assessment

Lauth investigators are trained to view a Subject’s relevant past history, behavior, and other factors to determine whether or not they will remain a risk to a client or victim.

Comprehensive reports

Lauth investigators prepare thorough, cross-referenced reports for our clients to empower them with the knowledge they need to make crucial decisions in their time of crisis. All reports are generated with the assistance of verified databases and human due-diligence.

Why clients need our services

Due to a myriad of bureaucratic and resource issues, even the best police departments can drop the ball when it comes to crimes against citizens. From violent crimes like assault and battery to the subterfuge of extortion and bribery, Lauth’s private investigators have the diverse experience and expertise to perform fact-finding missions for justice. Our background check services use open source intelligence and verified databases that allow investigators to track the source of harassment, view a batterer’s criminal history, or locate an evasive subject. This wealth of information on a subject requires the trained eye of a private investigator to place it in context in order to best advise the client. We use surveillance methodology to document the unseen factors in a client’s case, such as domestic abuse, stalking, various forms of terroristic threats. Our investigators provide detailed reports and expert recommendations.

Extortion & Bribery

Extortion and bribery are crimes that take place in the shadows, shrouded in secrecy. Lauth’s intelligence services seek to shed light on all corners of circumstance in search of the truth. With technology becoming more engrained in our lives, we have also opened ourselves up to new types of exploitation through the internet and smart devices. Scammers and criminals are now closer to personal information than ever through the world wide web, cloud sharing, and social media. However, when the crime occurs on the internet, getting answers can often feel like trying to catch smoke with your bare hands. That’s why you need the instincts and experience of a private investigator to help you eliminate the threat. Through open-source intelligence and diligent fact-finding, our private investigators help our clients snuff out the threat of extortion. We advise our clients at every stage of the investigation, helping them manage their crisis with the upmost discretion.

Violent Crimes

When law enforcement is unable to help our clients get some semblance of justice, Lauth’s private investigators are here to support them with the intelligence they need to recoup their lives. In violent crimes especially, intervention is required before that violence escalates to something tragic. In cases of extreme and homicidal violence, the violence has often escalated from nonviolent, yet aggressive harassing behaviors. Domestic violence is unfortunately one of the biggest examples of this lack of intervention in motion. When law enforcement or other institutional entities do not intervene on behalf of individuals who have been battered by their partners, the violence has the potential to escalate to homicide. Private investigators are trained to spot these patterns of behavior and apply their methodology to document it. Because of their independence from law enforcement, private investigators are licensed and able to travel to any state where the are licensed in order to follow leads. Their status as private citizens with no powers of arrest give them an investigative edge over police to get answers from uncooperative subjects. Private investigators have sophisticated knowledge of geosocial data and skip-tracing operations, which are crucial when there are few leads in a case. Their implementation of surveillance technology in field operations allows them to capture the unseen factors in a case for the benefit of transparency. Their services can get their clients the burden of proof needed to secure important legal action, such as orders of protection, divorce proceedings, and civil lawsuits. Lauth’s private investigator team is comprised of former military and law enforcement personnel who are comfortable serving as expert witnesses for our clients.

Harassment and Discrimination

Harassment and discrimination can come in many forms. Typically, scenarios often start as disagreements between neighbors, domestic violence, or as the result of an institutional failure. Institutions like law enforcement and other bodies of civil service are not always perfect, and this leaves citizens with few solutions when they are subjected to harassment and discrimination. Harassment can come in the form of hang-up calls, unsolicited mail, stalking behavior, or direct threats either in person or over the internet. One form of harassment that is often unmitigated by law enforcement is online harassment or cyber-bullying. Many police departments find themselves at a loss for how to charge a crime that was committed over the internet. In cases where the cyber-bullying takes place between underage students, law enforcement and the school district sometimes cannot agree on how the harassment should be mitigated. Private investigators have similar investigative tool chests to law enforcement and can document such harassment with open source intelligence and social media. The same methodology applies to harassment that occurs offline. Through surveillance operations, private investigators can document harassment occurring in and around the residence, at the office, or other relevant locations. This fact-finding helps our clients build a case against their harassers and detractors and benefits their long-game journey to restore the peace in their lives.

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