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Uncover The Truth Of Your Sloten Valuable Art & Jewelry

Protecting Your Valuables: A Personalized
Approach to Art & Jewelry Theft Investigations

At the core of our mission is the understanding that each item the owner acquires has its unique intrinsic value. Our skilled private detectives are set to assist you in recovering your belongings that have gone missing in different situations by utilizing a search method that includes several elements.

In an era where the sentimental and financial worth of personal items is beyond calculation, it is an obligation to reinforce the security of such things. Be it the antique jewelry passed proudly within the family or merely the expensive and tasteful decor of corporate offices, their worth is much more than what the money can buy. We understand the pains of having something stolen that could be sentimental or financially valuable; you can rely on us as we have extensive artwork and jewelry recovery industry expertise.

The Challenge of Property Theft

The targeted robbery of jewelry, photography, gadgets, and other valuable items is itself a demanding situation that the security guards have to deal with. Regardless of the dedication and resources of the best-equipped police departments, crime prioritization would naturally set its sights on the more immediate criminal cases, which are usually the more violent cases. The focus on property thefts, in turn, determines the resources and time spent investigating them, thus leaving the victims of the crime with less hope of receiving justice.

Although renter’s and homeowner’s insurance may help a bit, the coverage is sometimes insufficient to cover the whole cost of the loss. The gap left by insurance limitations and the prioritization of criminal investigations creates a critical space for specialized intervention.

Lauth Investigations Art and Jewelry Theft Division

Scope of Services

We have broad knowledge and experience investigating crimes, from residential burglaries and jewelry store robberies to complex thefts in museums or art galleries. Learning to navigate the complexities and understand the intricacies of different situations will help us develop a customized approach, enabling the highest chances of recovery.


  • Art Theft Recovery: Handling the complex world of art theft requires a combination of expert knowledge and thorough investigation methods. Working with art historians and using our investigation skills, we aim to retrieve stolen artworks, whether they are priceless gallery pieces or lost family heirlooms.
  • Jewelry Theft: Jewelry theft often has significant emotional and financial ramifications. We use an advanced method to recover stolen jewelry, focusing on particular methods to recover these priceless items.
  • High-Value Item Recovery: Our skills go beyond jewelry and artwork to include retrieving a wide range of priceless items, including rare artwork and antiques. Our team is the best at tracking down and retrieving these items.
  • Law Enforcement Liaison: We work closely with law enforcement organizations to ensure our activities’ effectiveness and legality, ensuring that our recovery efforts comply with all applicable regulations.
  • Assistance with Insurance Claims: We provide invaluable assistance and paperwork to customers navigating the complicated process of filing insurance claims after theft, resulting in a smoother claims procedure.

Our Process: Ensuring Your Peace of Mind

Our commitment to retrieving your valuables is matched by our clear, step-by-step procedure that keeps you informed and involved.

  • Initial Consultation: Our collaboration starts with a thorough consultation to fully understand your situation and collect all the necessary data to set a foundation for a successful recovery.
  • Strategic Planning: Equipped with knowledge gained from the first meeting, we develop a customized plan for you that details our research methods and improves your chances of recovery.
  • Extensive Examination and Recovery: With a plan in place, our team moves quickly to locate and retrieve your stolen goods using technology tools and on-the-ground investigations.
  • Legal and Compliance Assurance: As we pursue our goals, we ensure that everything we do strictly complies with the law, working with law enforcement and other authorities where needed.
  • Secure Item Return and Aftercare: After your belongings are recovered, we assist with their safe return and advise on how to avoid being stolen again.

The Art and Jewelry Theft Reality

Lauth Investigations Art and Jewelry Theft Division

Theft of jewels and artwork costs owners dearly and constitutes a sizable criminal industry. The FBI estimates that only art crime brings about $6–8 million in illegal revenue annually. Since many theft victims never get their stolen items back, professional recovery services are crucial.

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation estimated that between $4 billion and $6 billion worth of art was stolen annually globally at the beginning of the twenty-first century. The value of stolen art exceeded $11 billion between 2008 and 2022, with over 24,700 incidents of art theft documented, according to records from the FBI, Interpol, and the Art Loss Register. These figures provide a sobering reminder of the dangers that art traders must deal with daily.

Global Collaboration and Expert Networks

The importance of international cooperation and specialist networks in the complex art and jewelry recovery field cannot be overstated. Our commitment to recovering your priceless items is backed up by our alliances with foreign organizations, business leaders, and exclusive sources. Through these strategic partnerships, we can reach a wider audience and address the global art and jewelry theft issue.

We can access insider knowledge and expertise via our network of art historians, antique dealers, and specialist informants. This puts us in a unique position to locate and retrieve stolen goods. This collaborative approach strengthens our talents and demonstrates our dedication to protecting what matters most to you. We handle the complexity of theft recovery with precision and care, delivering the best possible solution for every case, thanks to our combined knowledge and worldwide network.


The theft of jewels, artwork, and other valuables is a painful and very personal event. At Lauth Investigations, we are dedicated to giving you the tools and help you need to reclaim what is properly yours because we recognize the significant effect that these losses can have. Our skillful and caring attitude guarantees we are your service provider and partner in returning your treasured belongings.

Lauth Strategies

  • Search Canvasses for Multimedia Evidence and Witnesses Identification
  • Fact Finding Interviews and Background Investigations Geographical
  • Pawn Store and Fence Searches
  • Cyber Intel and Sale Sites Monitoring
  • Law Enforcement Collaboration and Proactive Cooperation

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