Child Custody Investigations

Unveiling the Truth: Comprehensive Child Custody Investigations

Child Custody Investigations with Lauth Investigations International

Considering a child custody investigation? Here are a few times when calling us is the right move:

  • When You’re Worried About Your Child: If you worry about your child staying with the other parent or anything related, we can use evidence to prove these fears.
  • Fighting False Claims: If the false allegations put you at risk of losing your precious time with your kid, we can disprove such claims and clear your name.
  • If the Court Asks for It: The court sometimes initiates the investigation. We are committed to providing them with the thorough, impartial analysis they seek.

Sometimes, you find yourself in a child custody dispute, which can be very difficult. A person who knows the whole process will help you. At Lauth Investigations International, we’re here for you to be that help. Let’s discuss how we can minimize the pain during this difficult period.

Our Role in Your Child Custody Legal Battle

A child custody disagreement is one of the hardest fights. They are full of high emotions and hard accusations. In such a case, we will offer help to avoid this unhealthy behavior. We are here to find the truths to help your case and ensure your child’s interests are always the number one.

Finding the Facts

You don’t need to be the detective. We will provide the evidence you need. This could cover anything from how you will find somebody to look after your child to whether or not somebody can take care of your child.

  • Watching and Learning: We watch things while we remain quiet and ensure we see what’s happening. It shows whether the other parent is a good example for your child.
  • Digging Through Documents: We peruse every single document in our repository in search of facts that can be used to strengthen your argument. This includes financial reports, messages, and emails.
  • Checking Backgrounds: Lastly, we check for the past of the other parent to see whether there is anything we can gather that may show he is not the best fit for taking care of your child.

Revealing the Real Face of a Parent

Firstly, we will collect clear evidence that the parents are loving and capable of providing a safe home for their child.

  • Looking for Signs of Trouble: We must notice if a child isn’t getting proper care, whether that’s not getting enough food or being left too much.
  • Checking Out the Home: We guarantee your child’s residence is secure and appropriate.
  • Understanding the Parent’s Lifestyle: We ask questions about how the parent lives, such as whether they drink too much or do things that could be hazardous to the child.

Talking to People Who Know

We talk to those people who have seen how a parent and a baby intercommunicate. This allows us to paint a realistic picture of what is happening.

  • Interviews: We go to our friends, family and neighbors to seek their advice.
  • Making Sure Stories Add Up: We examine everything you have told us to ensure it is true and helpful for your case.

Helping in Court

Our lawyers at court will present your case using the facts that back it up.

  • Getting Ready for Court: We ensure that all the evidence we have found can be used to make your case as strong as possible.
  • Speaking Up: Sometimes, we even go to court to tell the judge about the facts.

When You May Need Us?

Our Child Custody Investigative Services

We offer a range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of your child custody case:

Surveillance and Monitoring

Our team is committed to executing surveillance without being apparent to assess the other parent’s conduct, activities, and degree of interaction with your child.

  • Recording Daily Routines: We describe daily routines and child-rearing practices to give the reader a clear image of the child’s living conditions and care environment.
  • Identifying Risk Factors: Our investigators are taught to look for any signs of child endangerment, such as drug usage, neglect, or unsafe living conditions.
  • Document and Record Analysis: We examine financial statements, communication logs, and other documents that help us identify each parent’s parenting abilities and obligations.
  • Financial Contributions: Knowing who exactly the child lives with and who cares for them may make a difference in custody rulings. We collect records of the parent’s financial and contribution records.
  • Parental Responsibilities: Our research also involves identifying those who perform sensitive parenting duties, from attending school meetings to medical appointments.

Background Investigations

A comprehensive background check on all parties involved can unveil past behaviors or patterns that might impact their ability to provide a safe and nurturing environment.

  • Criminal History Check: We conduct thorough checks to uncover any criminal history that could affect the parent’s custody claims.
  • Lifestyle Assessment: Assessing the overall lifestyle of a parent can provide insights into their suitability for custody, focusing on any behaviors that might endanger the child.

Witness Interviews and Testimonies

Gathering statements from individuals who know the family well adds powerful evidence to support your case.

  • Insights from the Community: We interview neighbors, teachers, and family members to gather various perspectives on the child’s care and living conditions.
  • Expert Testimonies: Our investigators can provide expert testimony in court, detailing the findings of our investigation to support your custody claims.

Why Lauth Investigations International?

Why Lauth Investigations International?

You love and care about your child. This is the reason that you need the best for yourself. Lauth Investigations International provides the experienced, thorough, and sensitive service your child custody case requires. Through us, it’s not just a legal issue; it’s a matter of concern and equity for the family seeking righteousness. Let us assist you in giving your child a bright and promising future.


Selecting us means working with a team that truly cares about your family. At Lauth Investigations International, our primary objective is to investigate the case and protect your child from possible threats. We know these are tough times, but we’re here to help make them easier. We are good at what we do, finding crucial issues that affect you and your children. We are proud to be a community where each child has a reason to smile and can be assured they are safe and happy. And we work every single day to bring these things to reality.

Lauth Strategies

  • Detailed Background Investigations with Asset & Debt Searches
  • Covert Surveillance, observing for signs of Unfit Parental Acts
  • Documenting lifestyle patterns, routines, and quality of childcare
  • Fact Finding Interviews and Witness Identification
  • Refuse Research
  • Courtroom Testimony

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