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eDiscovery, or electronic discovery, is a type of investigation in which information technology is married to private investigation by means of locating digital information both online and offline. The information scraped during these investigations can range from databases to social media profiles, and with more forms of digital data becoming ubiquitous, the need for eDiscovery investigations is only expected to grow.

Despite the ease and efficiency of organizing information in cyberspace, the probe of online databases is an extensive task best left to expert intelligence analysts like those on our team at Lauth Investigations International. Our team is staffed by former military and law enforcement personnel who have the diverse experience to apply comprehensive methodology to a multitude of investigation types, and exercise compulsory due-diligence in cross-referencing all available information for results our clients can have confidence in.

At the conclusion of all eDiscovery probes, clients receive thorough, detailed reports on their inquiry, along with any expert recommendations regarding the Subject or circumstances of the case. Should the need arise as the result of any subsequent litigation, our analysts and investigators are also available to offer expert testimony regarding what information they observed and catalogued for the client.

Lauth’s Verified Resources:

• Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT)
• Licensed databases
• National registries
• Local & national media

eDiscovery Services:

• Asset Searches
• Background Checks
• Social Media Investigations


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