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Fraud | Fraudulent Finance

Lauth was contacted by a money lender that had recently absorbed another lending company.

In a nutshell, the absorbed company would still operate under the supervision of the parent organization, and employees of the absorbed company would still be able to receive commissions when they reported loans they had made. The parent organization had recently been made aware that employees from the absorbed company had been falsely reporting loans in interest of receiving unearned commissions.

The Investigation

Lauth private investigators were tasked with fact-finding, observing, and documenting the entire process by which the Subjects got loans approved and moved through the system in order to fraudulently obtain commissions.

Lauth investigators formulated a plan to insert themselves covertly in their daily operations. A Lauth investigator contacted the Subject(s) and created a ruse in which the investigator required their services for a personal loan. Lauth investigators met with the Subject(s) under a professional ruse with recording equipment on their person. The entire meeting was recorded, and the investigator retained copies of vital documents to the investigation.

The Solution

Lauth compiled a thorough intelligence report regarding the internal operations of the lenders. Once the Client was able to confirm the information they had received was fraudulent, Lauth closed the case.

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