Crash Data & Recovery Analytics

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Now that most vehicles are equipped with an onboard computer system that controls many aspects of operation, crash data is more available than it has ever been. When trying to determine the cause of an accident, investigators now have the benefit of the vehicle’s “black box” data—like the type extracted from airplanes after a crash. This data is crucial to determining the cause and machinations of a crash or accident and offers an objective perspective regarding who might be at fault.  

Black box data types: 

  • Speed
  • Acceleration, & deceleration rates 
  • Brake use
  • Occupancy arrangement 
  • Restraint usage
  • Order & direction of impact 
  • Steering pattern 
  • Impact severity 

Our team of intelligence analysts have diverse skillsets and diagnostic tools to probe black box data and document all findings for our clients following a vehicle crash. Because our team has the highest standards of due diligence, clients can rest assured that all information is verified and cross-referenced for the most fortified level of integrity. We compile comprehensive, detailed reports so clients can properly prepare for any subsequent litigation as a result of the investigation.  


Traffic accident reconstruction  

The same “black box” data recovery methodology used in determining the cause of a crash can also be applied to traffic accident reconstruction. While the factors in traffic accident reconstruction are very complex (physics, vehicle stats, mathematics, and evidence documentation), our data analysts and private investigators have the training and insight to provide crucial context to the incident.  

Traffic reconstruction investigation process  

Resourcing – Our private investigators obtain the Traffic Collision Report and photograph the accident site where the collision took place for further analysis. Other documents that may be procured during this stage are witness statements, medical records, autopsy reports, and photograph any injuries that might have occurred as a result of the accident.  

Vehicle inspection – Photographs of the vehicle can only go so far when it comes to getting the full picture, so our investigators also inspect any and all vehicles involved in the crash. Inspecting the vehicle itself can provide crucial insight into the structural damage of the vehicle and physical reference points for analyzing photographs of the accident.  

Data analysis – Combined with evidence gathered at the scene or just after the incident, our data analysts review any and all information that can be recovered from a vehicle’s proverbial “black box” and can enter this information into digital reconstruction software that will assist investigators in reaching a scientific solution.  



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