Case Study | Attorney Support | Stubborn Spouse

Attorney Support | Stubborn Spouse

The legal system relies heavily on human participation to keep the wheels turning, so what’s to be done when a litigant is uncooperative?

Lauth investigators were contacted by an attorney representing their client in a divorce against their estranged spouse. The attorney, our Client, wanted to officially serve divorce papers and a court summons to the opposing party in the case.

The Investigation

Since their estrangement, the spouse in this case, the Subject, had become evasive following discussions of divorce. 

Lauth’s private investigators ran a comprehensive background check on the subject and discovered a history of violence and other run-ins with the law. At the onset of the investigation, after investigators had discovered the Subject’s address, investigators made several attempts to service the court documents with no success. Vehicles could not be observed outside the residence, and investigators were unable to lock down a timeline for his daily movements. Investigators eventually had to develop a phone ruse, in which the Subject was contacted by the investigator, and by means of deception, the investigator confirmed with the Subject a time he would be available at his home. When the Subject finally opened the door to the private investigator, he became agitated, and advised that all court documents must be forwarded to his attorney. The Subject provided the address and contact information for the attorney and slammed the door.

The Solution

Following the service of court documents to the Subject’s attorney, the Client advised that opposing counsel had everything they needed, and the investigation was formally closed.

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