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Lauth investigators were contacted by the Client, a woman embroiled with a bitter battle with her ex-husband over child support.

Her ex-husband claimed that his arears were due to his lack of income and financial assets. The Client turned to Lauth to shed more light on the situation—was her ex-husband negligent in his arears, or would it be impossible to draw blood from this stone?   

The Investigation

Lauth investigators began by turning to verified databases to begin building a profile of the Subject, the Client’s ex-husband.

Using information obtained with the client, investigators combed these databases in search of property, vehicles, judgements, and other unseen assets. Investigators also checked the Subject’s credit history and pulled information regarding his small business. A criminal background check revealed that the subject had no history of run-ins with the law, and therefore should not have additional court fees or fines to pay in that regard. No other significant investments or brokerage accounts were discovered in the course of the investigation either.

The Solution

Lauth investigators compiled a comprehensive report to the Client, having found no credible reason why the Subject should be in arears on his child support. The Client declared they planned to take those findings to the court and Lauth closed the case.

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