Case Study | Worker’s Compensation Fraud | Limping Lawsuit

Worker’s Compensation Fraud | Limping Lawsuit

Lauth Investigations was contacted by an insurance respresentative regarding a personal injury lawsuit that had been filed by one of their insured’s employees.

The Subject had alleged that while performing his work duties, he had sustained injuries such as a fractured hip, fractured knee, sternal fractures, broken ribs, and nerve damage in his foot.

The Investigation

Lauth began by conducting surveillance at the Subject’s residence. Subject was observed at the residence letting the dog out.

Subject appeared to walk with a limp and had to use the pillar on his front porch for support several times. An unidentified female would often arrive in a vehicle and drive the Subject around to do errands, as he reportedly could not drive his own vehicle. Subject was observed at one time carrying a rolled up 16×9 rug from the front door of his residence to the rear of his vehicle under one arm, still walking with a limp, but not appearing to struggle under the weight of the rug.

The Solution

After four days of surveillance, Lauth compiled a comprehensive report of their surveillance findings, denoting the Subject’s limp and difficulty with balance.

Lauth provided photographs and video documenting his movements, as well as Subject carrying the run to his vehicle. This report was passed along to the Client for their purposes in processing the claim.

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