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Skip Trace | Callous Corporation

Lauth Investigations was contacted by a lawyer, the Client, who was representing a man who had recently been in an automobile accident.

A forwarded report indicated that the driver of the other vehicle, a driver for a local freight service, was at fault for the accident. The injured driver remained unconscious in a coma following the accident and the Client had reached out to the freight service provider to let them know their insurance carrier must contact him. Having received no answer from the freight service, the Client reached out to Lauth, interested in locating the driver of the vehicle to serve him with a letter while he waited for a response from the insurance company.

The Investigation

Lauth conducted interviews with the Client, gathering all relevant information available regarding the driver, the freight service, and available documentation from the state.

Once a background narrative was begun on the driver, the Subject, Lauth began combing verified databases in search of address history for the Subject. The Subject’s address was located, and investigators began doing spot checks at the residence to piece together the movements of the individuals who resided there.

The Solution

Lauth was able to confirm that the Subject lived at the residence from speaking to neighbors, but were not able to observe the Subject at home to serve the letter.

Lauth compiled his background narrative and location information in a report, passing it along to the client for litigative purposes. Client advised that the insurance company had returned his letter, and had agreed to pay. No more surveillance was necessary.

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