Employee Theft

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Investigating employee theft is a critical, albeit unpleasant endeavor, and many human resource departments can find themselves unequipped or under-educated in the face of a persistent pattern of missing money or property. Employee theft and embezzlement in particular can be devastating by virtue of internal knowledge. Left unchecked, this type of embezzlement not only hurts your bottom line but can become a malignant presence in your corporate culture. Through due-diligence and collaboration, our team of private investigators can provide corporations with the information they need to stop employee theft, fraud, and other forms of theft.    

Our corporate theft investigation services can be applied to crimes such as: 

  • Embezzlement
  • Email scams
  • Employee fraud
  • Money laundering
  • Business identity theft
  • Theft of trade secrets
  • Theft of intellectual property

As an employer, discovering that you have a problem with employee theft can be a frustrating and concerning situation. Whether it’s cash, inventory, or sensitive information, every organization is vulnerable to employee theft. Unfortunately, the consequences can be severe, potentially causing huge financial losses and damaging reputational harm. 

Private investigators are skilled professionals who can offer a fresh perspective to your case, bringing clarity to the situation and allowing you to take the necessary steps to stop a pattern of missing money and property. Here’s how private investigators can help you investigate employee theft. 

Conducting an audit 

To detect any suspicious activity, a private investigator will begin by conducting a thorough audit of your financial and inventory records. This process involves looking for discrepancies and red flags that might indicate theft. They also physically inspect your business location to assess potential security vulnerabilities and determine if there are any violations of company policies in place. 


If there is evidence of theft, a private investigator can use various surveillance techniques to monitor employee activities. Surveillance can help detect patterns of behavior that could be contributing to the loss of property or funds. This investigation can reveal who is perpetrating the theft and how it is happening. 

Background checks 

A private investigator can carry out background checks on your employees to identify any criminal records or other indicators of a propensity to engage in theft or fraud. 

Interviewing employees 

An experienced private investigator knows how to conduct interviews that can be used to reveal valuable information on workplace theft. Interviews can help the investigator to identify potential suspects, as well as gain insight into security and organizational vulnerabilities. 

Gathering evidence 

Once the investigator has gathered sufficient evidence, they will analyze the data to determine if the problem is isolated to one employee or if there are multiple employees who could be involved. This will help them to build a strong and credible case, providing you with the necessary support for any legal action you wish to take against the perpetrators. 

In conclusion, private investigators can help you identify and stop employee theft. They give clarity to employers about patterns of financial loss by conducting audits, surveillance, background checks, and employee interviews. Their help is critical in cases where the situation has escalated, and the employer needs to gather evidence to support legal action. Contact Lauth Investigations International today to help solve any employee theft issues in your business. 


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