Lauth Investigations


Peace of Mind through Trusted Intelligence

Lauth Investigations


Peace of Mind through Trusted Intelligence

Lauth Investigations


Peace of Mind through Trusted Intelligence

Lauth Investigations


Peace of Mind through Trusted Intelligence

Lauth Investigations


Peace of Mind through Trusted Intelligence

As a professional private investigation firm, Lauth Investigations International is on a mission to ensure peace of mind for both the private and public sectors. We stand committed to providing world-class private investigation and intelligence services, making us the go-to global choice for strategic intelligence excellence.


Our Detailed and Distinctive Approach

At Lauth, our mission is twofold. We are dedicated to delivering factual results while maintaining our stellar reputation for customer satisfaction. With over 30 years of experience and a success rate of 90%, we’ve surfaced solutions for over 10,000 cases, making us a trusted name in the private investigation domain.

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Specialized Investigation &
Intelligence Services

Personal Client Services

Allow us to empower you during times of personal crises. Our private investigators utilize their independence and diverse set of tools to uncover the truth through fact-finding, surveillance, and open-source intelligence.

√ Fact-Finding: Expose the truth through in-depth investigation that exhausts unexplored leads, unearths new evidence, and identifies new witnesses.
√ Surveillance: Gain insights and extract valuable information with discreet surveillance.
√ Detailed Reports: Receive comprehensive reports and expert recommendations that provide clarity amidst personal crises.


Attorney & Legal Services

Lauth serves as the perfect multi-tool for law firms. Through professional legal support services, we take on the heavy lifting, freeing your counsel to focus on your case.

√ Background Checks: Receive detailed documentation and invaluable insights on any individual through thorough investigations.
√  Surveillance Services: Gain the upper hand with crucial evidence and even witness locations through state-of-the-art discreet surveillance.


Corporate Investigations

When it comes to corporate affairs, a private investigator can be an invaluable asset. Our independence and passion for the truth means you’ll receive the unbiased answers you need.

√ Workplace Investigations: Receive detailed reports and expert recommendations for workplace challenges.
√ Undercover Operations: Uncover the truth through strategic undercover operations, including discreet surveillance and fact-finding.


Corporate Culture Audit

Designed for corporations and organizations, our Company Culture Audit program helps improve your business from within. Our investigators evaluate internal operations, identify problems, and provide expert solutions to improve efficiency and eliminate threats.

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Human Resources

We understand that HR departments often require additional assistance. Lauth is committed to lightening the load, tackling an array of responsibilities to enhance your HR’s effectiveness while mitigating potential risks.

√ Background Checks: Ensuring informed decisions through painstaking investigations.
√ Workplace Misconduct Investigations: Keeping the workplace safe and running smoothly.
√ Compensation Fraud Investigations: Making sure wages are fair and paid in full.
√ Due Diligence Investigation: Proofing financial records before entering into a proposed transaction.
√ Employee Theft Investigations: Exposing the truth behind missing company property and equipment.

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Why Choose Lauth?

Lauth Private investigators Readiness and Response

Readiness and Response

Treating every client as our only client, we consider every request critical. Our team will always respond within 24 hours to listen, ascertain facts, develop solutions, and deliver results.

Lauth Private investigators Readiness and Response

Client Service First

Times of crisis require a professional and personal touch. Rest assured that our team understands which questions to ask and how to mitigate risks. We’re here to help you navigate the uncharted and often choppy waters of your professional and personal lives.

Lauth Private investigators Readiness and Response

Team Success

Our team succeeds because we take the time to understand the unique needs and preferences of each client. We support your goals and legal requests, we stay updated on intelligence trends, and we use creative investigative techniques to secure your success.

Lauth Private investigators Readiness and Response

Solutions for Every Industry

We provide private investigation and intelligence services tailored for law firms, HR leaders, CEOs, or even directly for your family. Our focus is on creating personalized solutions to address your specific challenges. We utilize Open-OSINT and HUMINT sources to help you swiftly make informed decisions.

Lauth Private investigators Readiness and Response

Fact-based investigations

Our private investigators focus on facts, independently verifying all information during an investigation and documenting observations for the record. We approach every investigation with integrity and objectivity.

Lauth Private investigators Readiness and Response


Our investigators are dedicated to fulfilling your request. No matter the obstacles we encounter, our team remains steadfast in achieving results, providing accurate information, and keeping open lines of communication with all parties involved.

What We Do

Our private investigation firm specializes in intricate corporate, financial, and private investigations on a global scale. Our team comprises qualified professionals, including individuals with backgrounds in the military and law enforcement. We use persistent due diligence to deliver results and resolutions for our clients.

Lauth Private investigator in Indianapolis

Strong Foundations

We begin each investigation by having a comprehensive discussion with our clients. This involves gathering detailed information about the case, including the main individuals involved, the documented facts, and all potential risk factors. This initial step allows us to lay a strong foundation for the investigation process.

Unrelenting Due-Diligence

At Lauth, we practice due diligence by leaving no stone unturned. We utilize verified databases and advanced surveillance technology to construct thorough background profiles. This meticulous approach ensures that we have a comprehensive understanding of the subjects involved in the investigation.

Results You Can Trust

After concluding each investigation, we furnish our clients with a meticulous report, coupled with expert recommendations. Our success is synonymous with our clients’ success, as they leverage the provided information to make intricate decisions in both their personal and professional lives.

Qualified Professionals

Our private investigation firm proudly holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau – a badge of honor that reflects our continued commitment to excellence. Beyond this, we consistently receive outstanding reviews from satisfied clients on Google, expressing their appreciation for our private investigation and intelligence services.

Thomas Lauth and his team are, quite simply, incredible. Smart, creative, compassionate, efficient, and always there. When my friend’s daughter went missing, we engaged Lauth to find her, and they did. The nightmare Lauth helped shepherd us through didn’t end there, however. The next phase involved getting the endangered young woman to safety. I still marvel at the quick-thinking, creative solutions Lauth and his team of caring experts came up with in the seconds, minutes, hours and days that followed. Lauth also acted quickly to provide a deep list of contacts (mental health, social workers, lawyers, advocates, organizations in Indianapolis where we were) they help us secure the young women’s complex needs. For our unexpected, volatile, chaotic and heartbreaking situation, it was so very good to have Thomas Lauth study expertise to count on. Can’t ever think him and his lead investigator enough. 

Nicole H.

“The results of Lauth Investigations has been rapid, clear, and understandable. My company needed this refreshing crisis management consultation process. I am happy to have such an incredible team to lean on when we need them.”

Jennifer B.

“The information Lauth Investigations was able to obtain in regards to the unethical activities occurring at one of our warehouses was exactly what our HR Director needed to begin termination procedures on not just one individual but an entire department. I would definitely recommend them!”

Benjamin A.

Diving Into Our Diverse Divisions

Our private investigation firm encompasses an array of divisions, each employing the best in intelligence-gathering operations and technology. As your strategic intelligence partners, our top priority is providing context and clarity so that you can make crucial decisions without complexity or confusion.

Return Assets Division

Did you know that 1-in-10 individuals have unclaimed assets? Our dedicated team is devoted to reuniting lost assets with their rightful owners, stimulating the economy in the process. Through thorough research, due diligence, and collaboration with claimants, we strive to make a positive impact. More than merely recovering financial resources, we believe in restoring a sense of justice and ownership.


Heir Search Services with Lauth Investigations

Heir Search Division

Lauth is committed to simplifying the process of reconnecting with your family’s legacy. We map family trees and mend broken branches so that heirs are able reclaim unrecovered assets that are rightfully theirs. Our goal is to guide you through the process of recovering both financial assets and your lawful heritage.


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