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When it comes to your personal or corporate life, you deserve facts, not fiction. You need hire a private investigator whose experience and approach are not one-size-fits-all. We are a private investigation firm that is committed to using verified databases and a catalogue of skillsets to bring intelligence to businesses and private citizens. Our private investigators are trained to approach every case with objectivity and diversified methodology.

Choosing Lauth means choosing the best licensed private investigator for your case. Our investigators have a wealth of experience in the criminal justice system, corporate investigations, and missing person investigations. We begin with private investigation fundamentals, and build a case based on cross-referenced intelligence and proven applications. This is to ensure that no lead is left unexplored, nor a subject ignored in pursuit of truth. With Lauth, you’ll hire a private investigator who is ready to tackle your personal or corporate crisis, from divorce to fraud to missing persons, Lauth is the investigative agency for you. Our private investigation team is comprised of former military and law enforcement personnel. Hire a private investigator who understands that every case deserves a specialized approach and due-diligence

Lauth Investigations International is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our network of offices stretches across the continental United States-including Colorado, Texas, Oregon, Florida, Kentucky, and Michigan. We regularly collaborate with investigators in other states and other countries in order to bring the Lauth brand of excellence to a global client base.

Primary Practice Areas

Corporate Culture Audit

Did you know hiring a private investigator can improve your business from within? Lauth Investigations International’s CCA program is a specific service for corporations and organizations where our private investigators will evaluate your internal operations from top to bottom, identify and uncover problems to provide expert solutions. Our goal is to improve efficiency in the workplace and eliminate threats.
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Attorney & Legal Services

A private investigator is the perfect multi-tool for your law firm. Our background check and surveillance services are invaluable to the attorneys we serve. Our legal support services means your counsel can focus on your case. From evidence gathering to witness location, Lauth is the perfect multi-tool for your legal matter.

Workplace Investigation

A private investigator can be an ideal candidate for workplace investigations due to our independence and passion for the truth. Our Workplace investigation services provide detailed reports and expert recommendations from an investigator with diverse corporate investigation experience. From surveillance to undercover operations, Lauth is there for your business. When it comes to your business, you should expect facts, not fiction. Get the facts with a Lauth private investigator today.

Return Assets Division

1 in 10 individuals has unclaimed assets sitting with the state, and Lauth’s Return-Assets Division is passionate about putting those funds back in the hands of the rightful owners. Expert researchers use verified databases and due-diligent fact-finding to return that money to the community and stimulate the local economy. Visit our Return-Assets sister site for more information.
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Missing Persons

When a loved one goes missing, each day becomes overwhelming for the family and friends who are missing them. That’s why Lauth uses the best resources available to bring answers to families with missing loved ones. Under Thomas Lauth, one of the nation’s foremost experts in missing persons, our investigators will turn over every investigative rock in search for your loved one, guiding you through the process, and providing expert recommendations on your case. We never charge an hourly rate for our missing person cases, only a flat fee. Visit our Missing Persons sister site for more information
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Private/Personal Client Services

A private investigator can use their independence and diverse tool chest to exhaust unexplored leads, uncover new evidence, or identify new witnesses. Our personal services are designed to empower our clients by us finding the truth through fact-finding, surveillance, and open-source intelligence. We provide detailed reports and expert recommendations to give our clients clarity in their personal crisis.

What is a Corporate Culture Audit?

A corporate culture audit is performed by a licensed investigator who evaluates internal operations from top to bottom and make recommendations for fixing the issue. There are many types of internal crisis that can be prevented with a company culture audit. When a company’s management does not show initiative to improve operations surrounding these types of complaints, it can create a culture of silence & resentment within the workforce. Healthy corporate culture creates a cycle of satisfaction and productivity that both benefits the bottom line and improves employee engagement for a balanced, stream of operations.

Did you know…?

Toxic work environments and job stress cost employers $300 billion every year
in the United States.

Who We Are

Lauth Investigations International is a family owned and operated private investigation firm providing solutions to corporations, attorneys and consumers for more than 30 years. Our private investigators, consisting of field experts, legal case managers and cyber team members provide results you can have confidence in when making strategic decisions in a complex business world.

What We Do

Lauth Investigations International specializes in complex corporate, financial, and private investigations worldwide. Our team of private investigators and internationally sourced investigators are comprised of military veterans and professionals with diverse backgrounds who have the expertise to provide results and resolution in your time of crisis or proactive mission.

From Our Clients

When our clients need a private detective, who will turn over every stone, it’s no surprise they turn to Lauth Investigations International. We conduct comprehensive, diligent investigations in pursuit of truth for our clients. No matter the nature of our clients’ crisis, we have the professional investigator for their needs. Read insights from some of our most gratified clients about how we found solutions for their crisis.

“Working with Lauth Investigation is both efficient and rewarding. They have been able to obtain crucial information that has impacted the overall effectiveness of my team. This has put my company growth in the forefront of everyone’s mind. The results of their in house consultations were immeasurable.”

Bradley L.

“The results of Lauth Investigations has been rapid, clear, and understandable. My company needed this refreshing crisis management consultation process. I am happy to have such an incredible team to lean on when we need them.”

Jennifer B.

“The information Lauth Investigations was able to obtain in regards to the unethical activities occurring at one of our warehouses was exactly what our HR Director needed to begin termination procedures on not just one individual but an entire department. I would definitely recommend them!”

Benjamin A.

Recent News

University Investigations: How Private Investigators Can Help

University Investigations: How Private Investigators Can Help

It is not uncommon for university investigations to feature some level of noncompliance and the university not cooperating with police or law enforcement. An aura of austerity and secrecy develops as the top decision-markers close ranks and circle the wagons to protect the interests of the university. No one usually thinks of universities as corporations, but they do bring in billions of dollars per year throughout the United States, much of that cash flow coming from private donors whose interests must also be protected during the investigation. Private investigators can take the same skillsets that allow them to expose misconduct within a corporation and apply them to university investigations. Corporate investigations vs. university investigations University investigations are rather common, though the investigation type is not always the same. When it comes to intelligence...

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Our investigators are all former military veterans, former police officers,
social workers, and degreed individuals specializing in the following investigative services: