Preparing for Compliance Inspections: Getting the Full picture with Private Investigators

Preparing for Compliance Inspections: Getting the Full picture with Private Investigators

With every decade that passes, a new wave of wild corporate scandals emerge—from Martha Stewart’s criminal insider trading through to Joseph Meli’s ticket ponzi scheme—and with them come a new roster of compliance legislation. No doubt, these laws are vital for keeping both consumers and businesses safe. They reflect an ever-more sophisticated world that increasingly calls for international cooperation and high-tech solutions for keeping those of dubious morality honest. When corporations are believed to be acting dishonestly, a compliance investigation is in order.

It’s great to have safeguards in place that center on our best interests, but for companies facing down an impending compliance investigation, the logistical scale of keeping track of every line of legislation and monitoring compliance across different teams and sites can get dizzying. At this juncture, a private investigator becomes the ultimate ally—able to launch efficient and effective corporate investigations that ensure every aspect is on-point, and that the company in questions has documented proof that they were taking every possible step to ensure their actions are to the letter of the law.

Beyond the lens of government, shareholders are also more invested than ever in knowing that their capital is in safe hands. They want to feel confident that regulators are doing their jobs, and that those driving their interests are engaged with the growing number of laws and regulations—100% vigilant to any and all possible irregularities, and committed to compliance and ethics.

Why Call a Private Investigator Ahead of a Compliance Inspection

These days, many larger companies have a Chief Compliance Officer on their payroll. This executive position places one person in charge of overseeing company-wide compliance and steering the culture that supports it. No doubt, it can be useful for reducing potential conflicts of interest, but it doesn’t eliminate them entirely. Of course, for smaller companies, the possibility of hiring a dedicated CCO is out of the question—leaving potential conflict of interest inherent by nature.

The assistance of an external private investigator able to conduct impartial corporate investigations can become an invaluable asset—particularly when a company finds itself under the microscope of a compliance investigation. This simple solution serves as an ultimate gesture of diligence and transparency. By asking a private investigator to audit operations and build a full picture of the state of play, the company makes clear that they are ruled by integrity and unwilling to compromise on behalf of consumers, shareholders, and society at large.

The Practicalities of a Compliance Investigation

A compliance investigation may involve cross-checking data, matching practices to policy and legislation, or launching covert surveillance operations at different facilities or franchisee locations. Crucially, it is a tailored process that reflects the unique nature of the organization at hand and the compliance legislation and policy to which its integrity is pinned.
Corporate investigations specialists understand that no employer can see every detail that goes on under their watch. But, with the assistance of seasoned private investigators from Lauth Investigations, that employer can effectively expand their scope and meticulously account for each and every intricate compliance requirement, for total peace of mind. If you are seeking support in assessing your current compliance standing, our team is ready to advise you. Getting in touch comes with no obligation, but we think you’ll be surprised at the confidence that comes with knowing your compliance standards are locked down.

Corporate Intelligence Gathering: Using Private Investigation Firms

Corporate Intelligence Gathering: Using Private Investigation Firms

I wonder, does your human resources director or CEO have a private investigator on their speed-dial list?

If the answer is no, then you may be missing a trick. Because today, the private investigator has become an indispensable asset in ensuring the smooth functioning of many American businesses. Often this journey begins during the company’s very inception, as investigators are tasked with gathering relevant corporate intelligence and carrying out due diligence assessments of those who will fill key roles or be granted pivotal partnerships.

As the business grows and evolves, the human resources director knows that they can turn to a private investigator for crucial candidate background checks and internal investigations, while leadership may lean on their skill set whenever a legal dispute or security concern arises.

In fact, contemporary businesses are increasingly turning to corporate investigators for preventative solutions to problems ranging from employee theft to white collar crime, and from intellectual property theft to eroded corporate culture. In essence, a private investigator well seasoned within the corporate sphere is an ideal ally—impartial, diligent, and goal-oriented—in the effort to get things done right.

Turning To a Private Investigator For Corporate Intelligence Gathering

Within the contemporary corporate world, information is currency. Getting the lowdown on your competitors and knowing what’s about to move within your market area can be make or break, so why not turn to a professional dedicated to uncovering the facts?

Not only are private investigators armed with a myriad of resources that allow them to take corporate intelligence gathering far further than your internal team would be able to, but they also give total peace of mind that information seeking is carried out in a legally compliant and ethically sound manner.

Your trusted private investigator comes with the skill set needed to gather information about the strategies of the movers and shakers within your field. They can carry out detailed market analyses and assess the strengths and weaknesses of both your competitors and potential collaborators. Finally, they are also well versed in identifying market risks, as well as uncovering concealed crime such as fraud, theft, or embezzlement—whether it’s happening under your roof, or someone else’s on your radar.

Why Conduct a Corporate Intelligence Investigation

There is a myriad of reasons why information gathering may be called for, but at a few certain junctures, this important step should be considered vital. Whenever a company is poised to expand—whether domestically or internationally—corporate intelligence is not only poignant; it is indispensable. Is the perceived market niche as open as you think it is? Might another party be about to sweep in and steal your thunder? When armed with the answers, you can decide whether to leap or pivot.

Equally, when a business venture on the table poses significant financial or reputational risk, a timely investigation can help you avoid costly missteps. Periodic assessments of whether competitors are following similar avenues, jumping ahead, or even stealing your ideas can allow contemporary brands to safeguard their hard-earned reputations and crucially, their bottom lines.

Nothing fuels innovation like healthy competition—and in order to be competitive, it is vital to know where both rivals and partners are positioned on the board. In this sense, the private investigator can serve as a lens that casts focus on crucial information, and a cog that keeps your company in efficient motion.
When it comes to making sound decisions about the strategies that will win you the game, few professional relationships offer greater reward. If you are ready to learn more about the potential value of corporate investigations for your business or organization, contact Lauth Investigations International today.

Corporate Litigation & Private Intelligence: How Private Investigators Can Assist Attorneys

Corporate Litigation & Private Intelligence: How Private Investigators Can Assist Attorneys

There are few skill sets more diverse than that of the legal attorney. Whatever their area of expertize, the dedicated attorney will leave no stone unturned and no legal strategy unexplored in the name of achieving the best possible outcome for their clients. However, when case complexity escalates, assets cross state lines, or witnesses fall off the grid, there is another broadly-skilled professional to which the attorney can turn—the private investigator, professionals who can be particularly valueable as a legal investigator, or a corporate investigator.

Diligent Legal Investigations Win Cases

Private investigators often lighten the load of attorneys and their staff by simply adding another set of eyes, ears, and hands to their usual duties. Highly skilled at tugging on relevant strings of information and spotting patterns or inconsistencies, a private investigator is an ideal ally when documents, filings, and data must be sourced, compiled, and analyzed in order to build an air-tight case.

Of course, there are also avenues open to a private investigator through which even the best attorney would be unable to follow. Licensed investigators can harness surveillance tools in order to track those who don’t want to be tracked or find those who wish to remain hidden. They can conduct computer forensics and unearth incriminating digital footprints, delve into the same databases as law enforcement agencies, and follow leads across state lines.

When it comes to mounting legal investigations in cases of fraud and white collar crime, there is no better collaborator than a specialist corporate investigator. Adept at uncovering illegal activity in the workplace, they will be able to meticulously and strategically comb through an organization’s operational history and practices in order to bring evidence of wrongdoing to light.

Building a case often means drawing together puzzle pieces that are broadly spread. Providing a boost of gravitational pull to that effort, a private investigator can take on demanding tasks such as locating, verifying and interviewing potential witnesses. They can unearth concealed financial assets or gather fresh evidence to confirm or refute claims—and they can do these things while drawing from a resource pool that extends beyond those available to any attorney’s office.

Legal Investigations and Key Litigation Support

Crucially, a private investigator—seasoned both in supporting attorneys and helping companies or individuals gather evidence that will stand up in court—is the perfect ally when the time comes to develop a defense strategy.

Just as a corporate investigator knows their way around lifting the curtain on workplace criminality, a specialist in legal investigations will understand how to provide impactive support for sound legal standing. This may mean analyzing the evolving strategies for holes or vulnerabilities, examining and cross examining the defense in preparation, or aiding in jury pool assessment while helping to safeguard the client’s right to a fair trial.

From standard paper pushing to deep-dive evidence gathering; from surveillance to litigation support: a well-versed private investigator is an asset that every attorney should have in their toolkit. Here at Lauth Investigations International, we are proud to provide tailored attorney and legal services, conducted by highly skilled and legally fluent investigators.

Whether uncovering debtor assets, supporting criminal defense cases, or gathering powerful evidence of harassment or discrimination, we know what goes into building a legal strategy that is iron-clad. Discover more about this specialized branch of the investigative work that we do or contact our team today to discuss how we can help you win your next case.

Improving Corporate Culture For Enhanced Retention and Employee Longevity

Improving Corporate Culture For Enhanced Retention and Employee Longevity

How much is employee burnout costing your business? In an era that sees many employees wear their weekly overtime and success metrics as badges of honor, keeping your team on an even keel has become a delicate dance. Burnout as a concept has certainly entered the collective lexicon as something that none of us want for ourselves, but increasingly, employers are looking to quantify how much team members going over the edge costs them at large. And what does the data tell us? Well, it paints a clear picture that preventing burnout in employees is key to holding productivity high, improving turnover, bolstering corporate culture, and so much more.

So, how much can a few frazzled employees really be costing you? Well, research indicates that burnout is at epidemic levels in the United States, leading to almost 120,000 deaths and $190 billion dollars in costs each year. Getting a little more specific, data from Gallup tells us that the burned-out employee under your radar is 2.6 times as likely to be actively looking for work elsewhere, and is 63% more likely to take a sick day in the meanwhile.

If runaway turnover rates are giving you a headache, then it’s time for a Corporate Culture Audit so you can get to the bottom of the issue—because these kinds of operational and ideological missteps can steer a course for expensive rapid-fire turnover and escalating losses.

Defining Burnout and Improving Turnover

In the name of preventing burnout in employees, it helps to understand the nature of the beast. Conveniently, this isn’t something we have to do for ourselves, because the World Health Organization has already done it for us. They classify employee burnout as a “syndrome conceptualized as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed,” and list its symptoms as:

  • feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion
  • increased mental distance from one’s job or feelings negative towards one’s career
  • reduced professional productivity

When the WHO take the time to define something, then we know its a widespread public health problem, which means it’s bound to be impacting every facet of the businesses who fail to address it. What’s worse is that burnout can become contagious, spreading through an organization like a rabid infection when the driving factors are not pinpointed and stamped out. So, what lies at the root of this worrying sign of corporate culture gone astray?

Pinpointing The Causes of Burnout and High Turnover

The most common causes of employee burnout include poor direction, support, and feedback from leadership; unrealistic performance pressures; eroded culture; inefficient operational practices; and work overload. All too often, employee burnout is an entirely unnecessary impact of poor communication, workplace silos, strategic flaws, or a festering toxic corporate culture. The good news is that all of these things can be easily addressed once identified.

The key to uncovering the factors at play is a comprehensive overview, and the best route to achieving that is a Corporate Culture Audit. If you need more convincing, it’s handy to note that more than three-quarters of American workers are being negatively impacted by workplace stress. Armed with that knowledge, you’ll know that elevating your team out of that pool will give you quite the competitive edge.

Our expert corporate investigators are always ready to deploy, outfitted with just the skill set required to bring problematic permeating factors to the forefront. Their role is to help your organization lay out a clear path ahead. One that includes preventing burnout in employees, improving turnover, boosting performance, and more. If you’re ready to eliminate the beast once and for all—improving the longevity of your workforce in the process—then our team is waiting to discuss how they can assist.

Crushing Corporate Espionage with Private Investigations

Crushing Corporate Espionage with Private Investigations

background checks for employees

To the average Joe, the term “corporate espionage” likely sounds like something out of a spy movie. Or, at the very least, something that only happens to huge corps in high-rise buildings. But the truth is that just about any business may have assets that their competitors covet—and if those rival businesses have a rogue sense of morality, they may be willing to break the law in order to get what they want.

It doesn’t help that many companies don’t share that they’ve fallen prey to corporate espionage, but who can blame them. Would you want the public to know that your company was the victim of a crime, or would you rather that corporate investigations were kept firmly under wraps in so far as policy and good practice would allow?

So, what exactly are we talking about here—beyond the kinds of crimes you might see in a Netflix series? Well, corporate espionage is an umbrella term that covers everything from employee misconduct that sees an insider with a grudge send sensitive data to the opposition, through to sophisticated hacking, illegal forms of surveillance, and on-site theft instigated by hired criminals specializing in espionage.

By nature, corporate espionage usually means either taking something for professional gain—whether that’s trade secrets, research, intellectual property, or precious customer data—or strategically damaging a business through means such as bribery, blackmail, or cyber attack. Oh, and smaller businesses shouldn’t think that they’re immune. If you’ve got an innovative idea or precious information that offers unique value, then it pays to be vigilant.

Gaining the Upper Hand and the Moral High Ground

These days, just about all businesses gather intelligence about their rivals to one extent or another. Doing your research is invaluable when it comes to tracking what consumers are responding to and leveraging gaps in the market. However, when we know that certain companies are willing to cross the line between competition and criminality, it’s important to ask ourselves: are our defences in place, or should we be reinforcing the ramparts?

So, what—or who—is the best secret weapon to have at your side? Unquestionably, when it comes to defending against corporate espionage, turning to specialist investigators gives you the chance to outsmart your would-be assailants. In fact, strategic and cost-effective corporate investigations are ideal for uncovering the gaps in your security protocols, whether they are lapses in digital security, on-site vulnerabilities, or the kind of eroding corporate culture that can quickly evolve into workplace theft or white-collar crime.

Seasoned investigators are highly skilled at helping companies scope out their competitors—discreetly and legally—in order to stay ahead of any possible corporate espionage threats. They can also help you identify red flags that suggest workplace misconduct is escalating or sliding into dangerous territories, and guide you in building a strategy to address every weak-point revealed.

Avoid Corporate Espionage By Knowing When To Ask For Help

At times, employers know that something foul is afoot—they just don’t know what it is. An executive might be behaving strangely, a manager suddenly staying after hours, or a team member accessing restricted areas without permission. At other times, the warning signs may go undetected until crisis strikes. Modern corporate espionage techniques are smart and sneaky, and as they evolve, we must too.
When cause for concern arises, swift action is vital. But, it is also crucial that a company does not overstep legal bounds or take action that won’t reflect well later in court. As an objective outsider, a private investigator from Lauth Investigations can help you navigate the matter without risk to the company, and guide you if immediate action needs to be taken. We are also poised to help companies stay ahead of any and all threats with periodic preventative Corporate Culture Audits. Forewarned is forearmed, so why not learn more about our comprehensive auditing and corporate-specialised investigations services. Alternatively, contact our team to discuss your needs today.

The Truth About Undercover Investigators In Today’s Business World

The Truth About Undercover Investigators In Today’s Business World

A lot of people might imagine that undercover investigations are something that’s only really seen in the movies. A smooth talking operative, planted at the core of a villainous organization, tirelessly working to overthrow evil. What a great plot concept! But an undercover investigator can be so much more than what we see in the movies.

While those of us who undertake this work in the real world might enjoy the flattering portrayal, the reality is that undercover investigations are far more common than you might think—and an effective option for businesses of any size, when the situation warrants them. An undercover investigator, or even a team of investigators, may enter a business at any level in order to gather evidence of a crime underway, or gain a clear picture of employee misconduct without alerting the perpetrators.

This Big Screen-Worthy Tactic Doesn’t Need a Hollywood Budget

When a business is already feeling the strain, the last thing they need is a fraudster or thief on their payroll. Truth be told, even the healthiest and most prosperous corporations can be dramatically derailed by those they should be able to trust the most. From drug use during working hours through to white collar crime, employee misconduct and criminality can be tricky to spot. However, allowing dangerous or unlawful behavior to run rampant means accruing costs that both honest employees and the business itself will have to shoulder.

Whether evidence is hard to come by, the culprit isn’t obvious, or a business is afraid of legal repercussions, taking decisive action can be the most efficient and cost-effective route to resolving matters once and for all. A swift and strategic corporate investigation will deliver the hard-hitting evidence required to allow leadership to act—and in many cases, an undercover investigation stands as the most laser-sharp tactic to get the job done.

Why Undercover Investigations Are So Effective

The harsh reality is that catching a thief, abuser, or criminal red handed is a luxury that few employers are afforded. Those who know their actions aren’t allowed bend over backwards not to get caught—this isn’t a Disney movie, so there’ll be no striped jumper and swag bag. That said, those who feel comfortable with immoral acts are far more likely to drop their guard with a peer, making an undercover investigator the best possible candidate for effective evidence gathering.

Under the umbrella of corporate investigations services, an undercover investigation means taking the fight to the front line. This intimate vantage point provides the perfect opportunity to make deft work of preventing the losses, injury, or liability that the misconduct at hand may ultimately result in. Meanwhile, because the operation is covert, day-to-day operations are not disrupted, and the remainder of your staff can continue their work uninhibited. Once a strong case is built, resolution can be decisive, and carefully managed, in order to keep morale on track.

Why External Corporate Investigations Specialists Are a Worthy Ally

Expert undercover operatives are well trained to maintain their discreet cover—all while operating under a fictitious identity that even extends to their online presence. An undercover investigation may serve as only a facet of a larger corporate investigation, perhaps including surveillance, employee background checks, research, and risk assessments. Fundamentally, a seasoned and trusted corporate investigations firm is best posed to provide for and scale to any corporate cause for concern.

Here at Lauth Investigations, we also offer businesses with proactive and preventative support, in the form of corporate background checks and Corporate Culture Audits. The latter is a bold and new addition to the corporate investigations landscape, providing a comprehensive overview to those at the helm of any enterprise—spanning team morale, operational structure, communications, pervasive misconduct, decision making efficiency, and much more. Finally, this service includes a crystal-clear game-plan that will allow organizations to move the needle towards prosperity, and leave investigation-worthy issues behind.
Evidence uncovered by undercover investigators can be invaluable, so don’t write off this finely-tuned resource as fantasy over fact. Skilled undercover investigators from Lauth Investigations are ready to answer your call. Why not learn more about our corporate specialties, discover the innovative Corporate Culture Audit, or simply contact our team to discuss your needs and receive a no-obligation quote today.