Using an Undercover Investigator Within a Corporate Setting

Using an Undercover Investigator Within a Corporate Setting

Does your company need an undercover corporate investigator?

From time to time, corporate entities within Indianapolis and right across Indiana will inevitably face the need for some sort of internal investigation. For small business owners right through to those at the helm of vast organizations, it is impossible to know every detail of what goes on while employees are on the clock. When circumstances lead you to suspect that something untoward is occurring, recruiting the best private investigator services to resolve any issues swiftly is always a deft move. Here, we will explore why an undercover corporate investigator can be so valuable, the types of misconduct that can warrant such action, and what to look for in the best private detective for the task at hand.

Types of Corporate Misconduct That Can Warrant an Undercover Investigation

The nature of misconduct that might lead you to call in the private detective cavalry can be varied both in terms of nature and frequency. Using an undercover corporate investigator is typically called for in matters where discretion is key. At Lauth Investigations HQ here in Indianapolis, our team has certainly encountered businesses battling damage done by a single but unidentified employee, alongside those suffering an endemic crisis of misbehavior due to disastrously failing corporate culture.

The impact of issues bubbling just under the surface can span from relatively small-volume revenue loss due to employee time theft, through to major crisis following large-scale fraud or embezzlement. Whichever the case may be, the best private investigator services will provide a precise and decisive game, and a solid body of evidence, allowing you the opportunity to successfully navigate whatever lies ahead. Examples of instances when an undercover investigation may be pertinent include:

  • Employee payroll abuse and time theft
  • All forms of harassment, bullying, or discriminatory behavior
  • Suspected employee substance abuse
  • Corporate theft
  • White-collar crime
  • FMLA abuse
  • Asset misuse
  • Non-compete violations
  • Corruption and bribery
  • Workplace incident investigations
  • Fraud and forgery

Stealth Is Often The Most Efficient Way To Route Out A Problem

Providing a unique upper-hand over internal investigations, an undercover corporate  investigator is able to discreetly uncover truths and reveal inconsistencies, all while compiling a comprehensive file of documented evidence. The best private detective for this task will be experienced and adept at going undercover in the field, as well as being able to assess all present parties with total impartiality – something that internal HR personnel may find difficult to do. Their sole motivation will be to pin point and highlight the origin of any suspected misconduct without alerting your team to their presence until their investigation is complete.

When you know that something is amiss, identifying the truth of that suspicion can be impeded simply because you and your trusted associates are simply too close to the problem. In contrast, an undercover operation as a facet of the best private investigator services will employ both neutral analysis and a broad surveillance and observation skill set. Your assigned undercover corporate investigator will begin by consulting with you to create a foundational picture of the understanding and intelligence you already have, before beginning the dedicated undertaking of building upon it.

Meeting The Unique Needs Of Your Business or Organization

Corporate entities of any scale can fall prey to those with nefarious intentions, potentially leading to a negative impact on leaders, employees, and clients alike. Talented professionals from Lauth Investigations possess the knowledge and resources required to uncover and even prevent the impact of fraud, misconduct, or deceit in the workplace. We can mount complex undercover operations, drawing on the latest in high-tech surveillance and in-depth understanding of legal factors at every step of the way.
In terms of prevention, we offer Corporate Culture Audits, illuminating paths towards reducing the risk of various internal threats. We also provide expert guidance on navigating external risk and enhancing all aspects of security. Learn more about the diversity of Corporate Investigations available from Lauth Investigations – both in Indianapolis, Indiana, and beyond – or contact our team to discuss your unique needs today.

Turning the Value of Private Investigator Services Towards Your Business

Turning the Value of Private Investigator Services Towards Your Business

For many, the thought of professional investigators tends to bring two mental images to mind. We either picture the intrepid private investigator on the trail of a missing person or cheating spouse; or – at the other end of the spectrum – we imagine substantial corporate investigations, perhaps sniffing out endemic white-collar crime or embezzlement within vast multinationals. Based on what many have seen in the media, private investigator services seem to only have certain applications.

But, truth be told, a substantial space remains in between these two scenarios with no less of a need. For a diversity of business owners in Indianapolis – and across Indiana at large – recognizing the power that investigative services can offer means access to a wealth of potentially rewarding resources.

Private investigator services can deliver meaningful value and tangible results for businesses of any scale and within any industry. If you have the sense that there is reason to be concerned about the financial, interpersonal, or intellectual property health of your business, a corporate or criminal private investigator could be exactly the ally you need.

Not only can the most skilled investigators sleuth out the truth of a problem already on your radar, but they can also shine a light on how to bolster your business vitals for enhanced performance. Are you curious to know more about what Lauth Investigations might do for your business? Read on to discover some of the untapped potential at your fingertips!

Conducting Impartial Investigations

There are a myriad of different scenarios that can trigger us to conclude that an investigation is warranted. From a restaurant owner who suspects employee substance abuse, to an HR manager who has received a harassment complaint; knowing how to navigate a situation in which some of the facts remain murky is tricky – especially from an inside perspective. In these moments, reaching towards trusted and local private investigator services can ensure that whatever happens next remains impartial.

When crime or misconduct of any kind occurs within a business or corporate environment, the burden of conducting investigations can put an immense amount of strain on a team that would otherwise be focused on driving success. Lifting this burden from your core team both protects their well-being while safeguarding the integrity of investigation results.

You’ll always want to ensure that the results of any investigation impact your business in a positive way – whether that’s making sure that discipline or dismissal won’t later draw legal repercussions, or being able to present a strong body of evidence when reporting a crime. In all of these areas, professional investigators from Lauth Investigations are poised to ensure constructive outcomes for all who seek them in Indianapolis, and beyond.

Uncovering the Information You Need

So, what kinds of scenarios might warrant calling in the experts? The types of private investigator services you require might include conducting research into employee misconduct – ranging from small-scale dishonesty through to large-scale fraud or corruption. It may arrive in the form of research into companies with which you do business – be they suppliers, partners, or prospects for acquisitions, joint ventures, or mergers, to name but a few.

Private investigators possess the skill set required to deliver cost-effective results that are professionally obtained and legally by the book. They are licenced to carry out investigative actions such as background checks or undercover surveillance that would otherwise be out of reach. Ultimately, their role is to ensure that you gain access to the information you need to protect your company and employees from harm.

Staying Ahead of Potential Problems

Of course, prevention is always better than cure. Did you know that portion of the work we do here at Lauth Investigations in Indianapolis, Indiana, takes the form of carrying out audits? This element of private investigator services allows businesses small and large to side-step potential pitfalls with time to spare.
This might mean conducting security risk assessments before providing tailored advice, or performing corporate culture audits to prevent a breeding ground for misconduct taking hold. The spectrum of support that we offer is broad, and uniquely customized in terms of scope and budget. If you would like to learn more about what our team can do for your business, contact us today.

Indianapolis Private Investigator Firm Helps Businesses Take The Lead On Workplace Harassment

Indianapolis Private Investigator Firm Helps Businesses Take The Lead On Workplace Harassment

From HQ in Indianapolis, Indiana, Lauth Investigations provides a steadily growing umbrella of private investigator services; ranging from missing persons to custody issues for private clients, through to workplace investigations small and large within the business and corporate sphere. We draw on the talents of a diverse team with decades of experience across a spectrum of investigative fields. We also take pride in being optimally equipped to provide the very best private investigator to suit the unique challenge of each and every client. One of the ways we help corporations improve themselves from within is by helping them meet the burden of proof regarding sexual harassment.

Among such needs, over recent years many organizations have become acutely aware of the importance of swift action on sexual harassment in the workplace. The #metoo era highlighted not only the importance of safeguarding employee well-being through policy and awareness, but also the potential catastrophes that can unfold when incidents of sexual harassment pass by unheeded. For businesses or organizations in the Midwest either navigating issues of this nature for the first time or exploring how to prevent them proactively, we provide expert support. A private investigator from Lauth Investigations can help you demonstrate that your business truly takes the lead on this vital contemporary issue.

Spotting Sexual Harassment and Stopping It in Its Tracks

Incidents of workplace sexual harassment can take place within an organization of any size, and upon any step of the corporate ladder. Sexual harassment can be described as verbal or physical harassment of a sexual nature, including unwelcome advances or requests for sexual favors. Its form can range from isolated incidents through to a chronic pattern of behavior. This might include the use of innuendos and double entendre, proposition and coercion, and intimidation or direct threats. It can also include unwelcome exposure to elicit material.

Not only can workplace sexual harassment risk emotional harm to employees, but also lawsuits of a civil or even criminal nature and potential damage to a company’s reputation. All of these factors make mobilizing on this all-important issue a must. So, how exactly can a private investigator from Lauth Investigations help an Indiana business navigate such a challenge?

Impartial Results and Expert Guidance

Whether handled by leadership within a smaller business, or an HR manager within a larger organization, internal sexual harassment investigations place a particular burden on even the most professional of teams. Those who work alongside both accusers and accused can find impartiality a challenge – also shouldering their own inevitable emotional fallout. In dealing with such a delicate matter, impartiality becomes all the more vital as conclusions drawn and actions taken may later be subject to legal scrutiny and litigation.

In contrast, the best private investigator for such circumstances will possess the training and experience to impartially draw out the information required to move towards resolution. Their in-depth understanding of legal obligations and strategic evidence gathering will ensure that investigation results are dependable in terms of safeguarding the organization, and reliable in terms of safeguarding the well-being of employees.

From Prevention to Resolution

For businesses in Indianapolis and across the Midwest, Lauth Investigations are on hand to undertake Corporate Culture Audits, supporting you in fostering a safe work environment in which your team can thrive. Should the need for a sexual assault investigation arise, we are ready to provide the best private investigator to lead a thorough, sensitive, and discreet investigation, ensuring just resolution for all. Private investigators from Lauth Investigations will uncover and document findings on your behalf, and are even adept at giving testimony when required – providing ultimate peace of mind. Whether you are located in Indianapolis, Indiana, or even further afield, our team are ready to support yours. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist in sexual assault investigations.

Find the Thief in Your Business with a Private Investigator

Find the Thief in Your Business with a Private Investigator

A private investigator can identify employee fraud and thief in your workforce, eliminating future threats while maintaining objectivity.

Despite the ability of a business to flourish in any economy, every company is still vulnerable to the possibility of employee theft or fraud. Like a frog in a boiling pot, sometimes companies can be taken by surprise when the theft has gradually grown over a period of time, and no one is the wiser until the business takes an unexpected financial hit. Companies can protect themselves from these frauds with costly in-house investigations into the crime, but a private investigator can go a long way towards identifying all perpetrators, no matter how high up the chain of command it goes.

Recent statistics from several government agencies who supervise finances and labor estimate theft committed annually by employees reaches an excess of $50 billion. Even an isolated incident can blanket a company in a crisis and leave them clawing out of the depths of bankruptcy. It starts with small things, such as taking office supplies for personal use. When this action goes unchecked, the employee might begin taking from petty cash without authorization. The level of the theft will always ratchet up the longer the thief goes undetected.

When an investigator attempts to identify employee fraud is knowing what to look for. Elliot Rysenbry of Trustify says there are six warning signs of employee theft for which Human Resources should be vigilant.

  • Workaholics
    • Behaviors of people who might be very dedicated to their jobs are also characteristic of people who might be stealing from your business. People who are always working long hours and never take a vacation. This “dedication” is a front for superiors. People who are stealing via their position do not want to be absent from the workplace for fear a temporary replacement might notice inconsistencies that could indicate fraud.
  • Hyper-vigilance of connections
    • When an employee has a close personal connection/relationship with any vendor or associated financial institution, it’s usually not cause for concern of impropriety. However, hyper-vigilance or strong protection of those relationships, it’s possible there’s something in the business arrangement for this employee. One of the most common names for this kind of fraudulent arrangement is “kickbacks” or getting a cut of the profits vendors or financial institutions receive from a thieving employee.
  • Inflated expenses
    • This is one of the most common types of theft committed in the workplace. Line items on expense reports are either inflated or fabricated entirely in order to pad the thief’s pocket.
  • Extravagances
    • Payroll knows what individual employees make week to week, so when there are unexplained extravagences in an employee’s life, such as a flashy new car, it’s important HR keep an eye on said employee.
  • Frequent small transactions
    • Taking from petty cash in small amounts can add up quickly, and is often a sign of more serious, larger-scale fraud being committed within the company.
  • Entitlement
    • Employees who feel as though they are underpaid or undervalued at their company are also plausible perpetrators of theft. Whether as a motive or a rationalization, they feel as if what they stole was deserved payment.

While theft can be an extremely toxic element in any work environment, one of the ways to exacerbate it is by conducting a poor internal investigation. Human Resource employees are unsung heroes of companies and businesses, as they are one of the crucial gatekeepers with control over the quality of employees. Not only are they very busy individuals, but they might not be the most objective persons to conduct an internal investigation.

Sometimes a lack of experience with investigations will cause a member of HR to make false or unprepared accusations about the guilt of a particular employee. If this employee is unimpeachable, the company can open itself up to lawsuits and bad press. Even if HR is not conducting the investigation, most employees are not trained investigators and might conduct an inquiry in an illegal manner that could also open the business up to litigation. Sometimes a pay cut for an employee suspected of stealing might seem like a quick and quiet way to resolve these issues, but legal counsel should always be consulted before making these decisions. By the same token, hasty termination of these employees to avoid a messy investigation should always involve the opinion of a legal expert—all in the name of protecting the country from plausible legal trouble.

The simple answer to avoiding all of the aforementioned ways to inflame an internal theft investigation is to retain the services of a private investigator. Private investigators can save companies from themselves in terms of opening themselves up to litigation or bad press. Private investigators have more skill and experience in these areas preventing investigations from blowing up in a negative manner. They are independent contractors, therefore, do not have a dog in the race when it comes to identifying the culprit of the theft. Their objectivity will be crucial, especially if the theft within the company goes all the way to the executive level. Because of their authority over employees, CEOs of companies might often get a soft front from HR or other investigative bodies within the business. Private investigators—being unknown to other employees in the business—can also conduct undercover operations to yield truthful and unbiased results. The private investigator, along with business counsel, can also advise Human Resource departments how to proceed once the culprit has been identified. Whatever the specific needs of a company, always consider hiring a private investigator to conduct internal investigations in order to protect and enhance the longevity of your business.

Identify employee fraud and theft today with Lauth Investigations International. Call 317-951-1100 or visit us online at our website for a free quote.

Due Diligence in Corporate Mergers

Due Diligence in Corporate Mergers

Fraud | Fraudulent Finance CASE STUDY with Lauth Investigations

Corporate mergers are inherently a tricky business. Not unlike a marriage, it’s the assimilation of two different corporate bodies to form a stronger entity. However, with that marriage comes the tricky business of evaluating the assets, how well two business models will mesh with one another, and how the workforce will be impacted by the merger itself. In the months preceding the merger, however, there is a long fact-finding process in which one or both companies will have a reasonable interest in finding corporate intelligence on the new arm of their structure. That’s where a corporate investigator comes in.

Finding corporate intelligence can be an opaque business in the sense that discretion is highly valued in the hopes of getting the clearest, most comprehensive picture of the corporate entity in question. Parent companies, or companies with the most to lose in a merger, will typically be the type of client a corporate intelligence investigator will see weekly in their careers. The need for this type of information is why corporate intelligence firms exist, so clients can get the clarification they need on the people with whom they are going into business. However, depending on the needs of an investigation, the involvement of a large corporate intelligence firm could still fly above the radar and compromise the needs of the investigation. In these situations a smaller to medium firm may be more appropriate.

An independent private investigator can answer almost any question that an inquiring client would have about a business—beginning with what is in the record, both publicly and otherwise. Through licensure by the state, private investigators are given access to millions of records available on both corporate entities and private individuals. With only a few pieces of information, a private investigator can get background on a company. No doubt, there will be obvious areas of interest, particularly what—if any—forms of litigation the company has been involved in. In reality, the best information comes from the background checks on individuals who drive the company’s mission and operations. After all, a business is only as good as its workforce, and leadership is one of the most important components. Private investigators can get comprehensive background checks on any and all subjects involved in daily operations and big-picture conception. Certain items in an employee’s background, like criminal history or personal litigation history can bring important albeit troubling context to any given concern in a merger situation. Their level of judgement and decision-making will be paramount to ensuring the longevity of the company in the merger.

In addition to verified licensed databases, a corporate intelligence investigator can also provide any online intelligence available from forums, communities, and platforms that allow for feedback and ratings of the business’s products or practices. At the conclusion of the investigation, a corporate intelligence investigator can provide a comprehensive file including all relevant intelligence discovered as the result of an online scrape of the company.

When on-site field investigations are required, the corporate intelligence investigator you need will be adept in hiding in plain sight so as not to pique suspicion of the subjects of the investigation. This sort of corporate intelligence investigator can get the full picture on any internal problems the subject company may be experiencing, such as repeated instances of theft, patterns of internal misconduct, or any number of items of interest during the course of a merger.

When discretion is the highest priority, CEOs and other forms of leadership should consider the expertise of Lauth Investigations International. Lauth Investigations International has over 30 years of experience working with corporations both big and small to make sure they get the answers they need in times of corporate uncertainty. We carry a glowing A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and regularly receive 5-star reviews from grateful clients. Call 317-951-1100 for a free quote or visit us online at

Step inside the hidden world of corporate undercover investigators

Step inside the hidden world of corporate undercover investigators

corporate undercover investigation

How can a corporate undercover investigation improve your workplace?

When it comes to your business, you don’t know what you don’t know. 75% of employees have admitted to stealing from their employer at least once, and 35% will steal at least twice. That’s to say nothing of misappropriation funds, theft of industry secrets, and various forms of fraud. Many employers do their best to foster a positive corporate culture landscape in which they can thrive. When employers do not engage in the health and happiness of their employees, they can fully expect a corporate crisis to arise as a direct or indirect result. Issues such as internal theft, workers’ compensation fraud, harassment, and discrimination are just some of the corporate crises that arise from the lack of oversight on part of leadership. However, once these problems develop, it can be difficult to document them in an overt investigation. This is where a corporate undercover investigation can provide the crucial clarity needed to preserve a corporation’s mission.  

Today’s corporate landscape is fast-paced and constantly in flux, but leadership must find time and budget to have their daily operations properly assessed. In order to conduct a successful corporate undercover investigation, leadership and human resources must first know when it’s time to hire an investigator, and what criteria to use when hiring them. Many executives and CEOs may not wait for a corporate crisis to occur, but rather invest in a corporate undercover investigation for auditing purposes. The average time it takes for frauds to be discovered is 2 years, and when the fraud is allowed to continue for 5 years or more, the financial losses can surpass $2 million. It’s not hard to understand why employers and human resource departments alike may wish to be more proactive when it comes to protecting the business and its assets from the ruins of corporate crisis.

In a corporate undercover investigation, investigators will insert themselves into the workplace or worksite, typically in a capacity where they will be easily ignored, such as custodial staff, messengers, or even security. By inconspicuously infiltrating the workplace, investigators can observe daily operations without disrupting the true nature of the corporate culture. They can document the unseen factors in any corporate crisis. Whether it’s as small as thefts from office supply closet, or major theft of product from a warehouse, investigators can place covert surveillance cameras in strategic locations to capture the theft on tape. The best and most seasoned investigators will have the ability to seamlessly enter the workplace and develop a rapport with employees. This allows them to break down the unseen interpersonal factors in the staff, develop leads, and get corroboration regarding aspects of the case. Corporate undercover investigations can also be the ideal way to handle high-stakes corporate crises in which upper management is suspected to be involved. The more elevated the position, the more devastating the impact of that employees misconduct will be.  At the conclusion of the investigation, investigators prepare a complete report of all their findings and return it to the client in order to ensure they have the full scope of the problems within their organization.

If you have need of a corporate undercover investigation, call Lauth Investigations International today at 317-951-1100 for a free consultation on all of our corporate investigation services.  We are staffed by former military and law enforcement and carry a glowing A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Get the clarity your company needs today with Lauth. Call today or visit us online.