Research suggests that 75% of employees have stolen from their place of work in the past, making corporate theft a priority issue for any business owner or CEO with self-preservation high on their agenda.

Every employer likes to imagine that they’ve hired a trustworthy team rather than created a den of thieves. However, unfortunately, as many as 95% of U.S. companies get caught out at least once by an enemy lurking within.

Meanwhile, workplace theft runs up an annual bill of $50 billion annually for American businesses. Fortunately, a strategic corporate theft investigation can stop employee theft in its tracks and make it less likely to happen in the future.

Preventing Employee Theft by Strengthening Corporate Culture

When we think about theft prevention, it is easy to focus solely on locking down assets and ramping up security protocols, but there is another area of concern that shouldn’t be overlooked. Research shows that unhappy employees are more likely to behave unethically towards their employer. Employees that feel valued and grateful are less likely to be dishonest.

This provides yet another reason to add to your list of why corporate culture is worth investing in. A great place to start when it comes to building a stronger workplace culture is with a corporate culture audit, providing clear oversight of the current status quo and a clear path to improve and enhance culture for the better.

Of course, not all would-be thieves will be deterred by a place within a happy workplace. This makes comprehensive corporate background checks an essential addition to the employer’s toolkit. It also makes vigilance among leadership essential, and swift action a smart move when the need to launch a corporate theft investigation arises.

Launching Effective Corporate Theft Investigations

Workplace theft can vary dramatically in scope and scale, ranging from minor losses of things like stationery from a few slippery-fingered team members through to widespread and coordinated theft of expensive equipment, retail stock, sensitive data, financial assets, and more. While the proportion of the issue will certainly shape the urgency of the response, all employee theft should be taken seriously before it contributes to a negative shift in corporate culture.

A corporate theft investigation should focus on the achievement of four main objectives. The first is to identify the perpetrators, the second is to secure evidence of their activities. The third is to recover lost assets where possible, and the fourth is to respond appropriately, ranging from disciplinary action through to prosecution of those involved.
If you are concerned about employee theft in your place of business and are unsure how to proceed, our dedicated team of corporate investigators here at Lauth Investigations is ready to assist. We will guide you through every step of the investigatory process, from conducting undercover operations to interviewing witnesses and compiling evidence for legal proceedings. Discover more about how we investigate workplace theft or contact our team today.