Background Checks

Expect facts, not fiction

Background checks with detailed reports and expert recommendations.

Background checks can provide peace of mind in both our personal and corporate lives. There are many open-source intellgence websites that claim they can get you personal information on individuals for your purposes, but none can stand up to the fact-finding of a private investigator.

Our private investigators are licensed to access verified databases for a thorough, contextual history on the Subject(s) in your case for thorough background checks. We use proven methodology on our background checks to compile an intelligence report for our clients. Lauth investigators are trained to review a person’s criminal, financial, address, and litigative history and make expert recommendations to empower our clients with the intelligence they need to make crucial decisions in their corporate or personal lives.

Child Custody

FMLA Fraud

Worker’s Compensation

Fraud & Fogery

Unsolved Homicides

Litigation Support

Why clients need our services

Comprehensive, cross-referenced intelligence fortifies our clients with the ability to identify potential risks in their lives, such as patterns of criminal behavior, poor credit history, frivolous litigation, and scores of other unseen factors. At Lauth, we believe knowledge is power, and believe in putting that knowledge in your hands.

Internal Investigations During Coronavirus

Internal Investigations During Coronavirus

Corporate Investigations Move to Telecommunications During COVID-19 Outbreak COVID-19, or “the corona virus” has already had an unprecedented effect on the world’s economy in the 21st century. Millions across the globe are currently practicing self-quarantine or “social-distancing”, while many workplaces are shutting down in order to prevent the spread of the virus. While many struggle during...

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Background Check Policy and Procedure

All offers of employment at [Company Name] are contingent upon clear results of a thorough background check. Background checks will be conducted on all final candidates and on all employees who are promoted, as deemed necessary.


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