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When it comes to background checks, you need a private investigator with access to verified information and the experience to put that information in context. No matter where you are located, Lauth private investigators can connect you with the background check intelligence to make crucial decisions.

Background checks can provide peace of mind in both our personal and corporate lives. There are many open-source intelligence websites that claim they can get you personal information on individuals for your purposes, but none can stand up to the fact-finding of a private investigator. Comprehensive, trustworthy background checks are simply not available for a low fee. Background checks also require the eye of a seasoned investigator to understand and assess items that appear on it.

Our private investigators are licensed to access verified databases for a thorough, contextual history on the Subject(s) in your case for thorough background checks. We use proven methodology on our background checks to compile an intelligence report for our clients. Lauth investigators are trained to review a person’s criminal, financial, address, and litigative history and make expert recommendations to empower our clients with the intelligence they need to make crucial decisions in their corporate or personal lives.

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Why clients need our services

When it comes to background checks, you don’t know what you don’t know. Background checks can provide peace of mind and crucial context in trepidatious situations. Comprehensive, cross-referenced intelligence fortifies our clients with the ability to identify potential risks in their lives, such as patterns of criminal behavior, poor credit history, frivolous litigation, and scores of other unseen factors. This helps our clients mitigate risks early and prevent them from causing long-term problems.  At Lauth Investigations International, we believe knowledge is power, and believe in putting that knowledge in your hands. Our background check services have a wide variety of applications, including but not limited to: 

Personal Background Checks

Background checks have applications in both our personal and corporate lives. In our personal lives, background checks can illuminate facts about individuals with whom we might be considering a long-term relationship or invite to work inside our home for childcare or repairs. Background checks have proven invaluable to an individual who is navigating the online dating scene. When you can be anyone you want to be on the internet, background checks can give you the full and accurate picture of someone you want to meet in real life. Criminal background checks can tell you if a person has a history of violence or sexually-motivated crimes. The benefits of personal background checks can also be financial.  When you’re considering marriage, you should also consider running a background check on your partner to protect your assets. Even if you didn’t meet your significant other in cyberspace, you could still be at risk for con artists and scammers. That’s why more individuals are turning to private investigators to perform background checks on their potential life mates. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, clients with sizable assets may want to conduct a background check in order to determine if a prospective partner handles money well.

Corporate Background Checks

Background checks can save an employer millions over the years as a major tool for identifying risks in job applicants and screening them out to ensure the best team members for your business. Businesses and organizations do not submit employment applicants to a background screening have a higher degree of pervasive internal issues. An employer may not see the need to submit applicants to a background screening, while others do not believe they can afford it. These comprehensive employment background screenings have the exponential potential to save an employer from discrimination litigation, costly internal issues, and preventable losses. Every Human Resources Department should be investing in background check services for their employment screening. An employer must exercise their due-diligence in reviewing every application for employment or the employer can expect to see a myriad of issues within their workforce. When it comes to corporate litigation, a background screening can illuminate important details about a litigant. Background checks are the machinations by which attorneys are able to develop theories for their client’s case.

Private investigators also have years of experience that contextualize available information on a subject that can prove invaluable to an employer. For example, residence history is traditionally part of a basic background check. If the subject has a long history of moving between jurisdictions, or from state-to-state in short periods of time, a private investigator might examine this information—and based on context—determine that the subject has a history of transience, which could indicate a lack of reliability or a flight risk for an employer. On the subject of avoiding possible litigation, a private investigator can point out a subject’s history of litigation. A person who has a long history of litigating, particularly in civil court, is a higher risk for a lawsuit against their employer than a person who does not have this history. With all of the turnover expenses associated with losing a trained employee and hiring a new one, an employer could lose profits by betting on an employee who is eager to move on. A private investigator can review an employment screening and point out to the employer a subject’s history of job transience—their perceived willingness to move from job to job, sometimes 3-4 jobs in under six months. While none of these single factors should be cause to disqualify an individual from employment, a private investigator is able to view an employment background screening and put everything into context for the employer.  

Nonprofit Background Checks

A board of directors for a nonprofit is designed to promote progression within an organization by virtue of diverse management and comprehensive collaboration. Because an organization’s supervisory leadership can depend on their ability to serve their cause, that board must have impenetrable integrity. Therefore, even nonprofits cannot afford to skimp on background checks for leadership. Background checks can also be a treasure trove of information for nonprofits when it comes to hiring team members for a myriad of duties, including money management, internal operations, and subcontractors—all reports that can identify risks so you can protect your cause from detracting phenomena.

When establishing a board of directors, there are often misconceptions on what a comprehensive background check encompasses. The term “background check” is an umbrella term that can refer to one or all of a list of screening processes that both organizations and corporations use to verify the employability of an individual. This can include a report that offers details on a person’s criminal and employment history, and a review of their financial history.

A nonprofit background check is the first step in protecting your organization, but not every executive sees it that way. It’s not uncommon for nonprofits to cherry pick through the wide range of areas that a comprehensive background check includes, either to save time and/or money, or because only one or two areas of such a report are a priority for board leadership. Areas of high priority include criminal history, sex offender registry, or a basic credit report. Even if a nonprofit checked all of these boxes when conducting a background check, that would still not rise to the standard of comprehensive when verifying a potential board member’s history.

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If you’re looking for a private investigator with verified information at their fingertips, look no further than Lauth Investigations International. Lauth’s private investigators can provide all of that through our list of comprehensive background check services, available at multiple levels so they are customizable to our clients’ needs. We provide comprehensive background reports and expert recommendations to empower you with the information to make crucial decisions in your personal or corporate lives.

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Background Checks on Employees Protect Your Business

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All offers of employment at [Company Name] are contingent upon clear results of a thorough background check. Background checks will be conducted on all final candidates and on all employees who are promoted, as deemed necessary.


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