Within any great organization, leaders play a pivotal role in keeping workplace culture strong and employees engaged. Essentially, the health of your company’s leadership culture will correlate directly with the well-being of its wider corporate culture. This makes driving excellent leadership practices a powerful lever to pull when striving for enhanced success.

So, why are leaders so critical when it comes to steering workplace culture? Intrinsically armed not only with authority but also influence, your trusted leaders actively set the tone for the wider team in their attitudes, practices, behaviors, and values.

Ultimately, every tactical decision and interaction counts, and their status quo approach will likely be emulated down the chain of command. This raises the poignant question: is your leadership team setting a high bar for corporate culture, or is there room for improvement?

How Your Chosen Leaders Shape All Aspects of Company Culture

Thanks to a growing understanding of how engagement and productivity are manifested, modern leadership models place emphasis on constructively coaching and mentoring employees, ensuring effective communication and collaboration, setting clear expectations, and supporting work-life balance.

Acknowledgment of effort also plays a powerful part in energizing teams, with 69% of employees expressing that they would work harder if they felt their efforts were better recognized. However, the shaping of corporate culture begins long before the process of guiding developing employees begins.

It is vital to note how influential your leadership’s recruitment practices are for the long-standing status of workplace culture. Poor hiring choices can introduce negative influences within teams, eroding trust, productivity, and even safety at work. With roughly 55% of job applicants lying on their resumes or application forms, the importance of comprehensive employee background checks cannot be overlooked.

Addressing Workplace Culture and Setting New Leadership Standards

Serving as a challenge for business owners, CEOs, and entrepreneurs alike, the art of establishing high leadership standards is far easier from a blank slate than it is within a system already in motion. When a large or even small-to-medium-sized enterprise is already infused with rigid attitudes and detrimental practices, it can be tricky to trigger effective change.

However, with adequate oversight and understanding, the transformation of both leadership culture and workplace culture at large is entirely achievable. This process begins with developing a clear understanding of what’s happening now, which is best achieved with a corporate culture audit.

At Lauth Investigations International, our seasoned corporate investigators take immense pride in turning our understanding of the many factors that can make or break a business toward helping their leaders mitigate risk and forge cultural and procedural strength from within.
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