There’s a romantic notion of what private investigators might look like—thanks to the long history of fascinating fictional characters in literature, cinema, and television. Picture the sweep of a long overcoat, a tilted fedora, and dramatically shaded scenes of late-night stakeouts! 

While the fantasy is fun to imagine, in reality, contemporary private investigators perform a vast array of essential functions—serving as a vital resource for private citizens, businesses, and organizations alike. More importantly, because a large part of their work involves blending in, any stranger passing you in the street could be a private detective on the case. If you find yourself asking, “Are there private investigators near me right now?”, the answer is probably yes!

Of course, there’s no need to to start looking over your shoulder just yet! Simply because there are local private investigators busy at work, uncovering the truth of one matter or another, doesn’t mean that they are on your tail specifically. In fact, the best private investigation services cover a broad exploratory scope. In answer to the question, “What do private investigators do?”, lets explore some of the types of private investigations that this discreet professional might engage in. Perhaps among them is the very service that you require!

  1. Attorney and Legal Support

You might be surprised to know that many law firms turn to private detective services in order to build better cases. Because private investigators have access to many of the same databases as law enforcement, and are experts in seeking information, locating witnesses, and diligently compiling data, they are an ideal ally for any attorney working a complex case against the clock.

  1. Missing Persons

When someone goes missing, there are any number of reasons why law enforcement might not pour the necessary resources into tracking them down. Hiring a private investigator means setting someone to the task who will dedicate themselves entirely to locating the individual in questions—even if international travel is required.

  1. Background Checks

These days, companies can’t be too careful about who they hire or who their business partners are. Sadly, we live in an era of corporate fraud, intellectual property theft, and more. So many organizations turn to private investigation services for a higher caliber of background check than their HR departments would be able to achieve.

  1. Heir Searches

The line of inheritance is not always a simple thing, and often the destiny of an estate is placed on hold because rightful heirs are unknown or unlocated. In these moments, the best private investigator around will be uniquely suited to finding that individual, harnessing the same skills that they would for any missing person or witness location investigation.

  1. Divorce and Child Custody Cases

Both divorce and child custody cases can become messy business when parties do not agree—and particularly when there is a disparity in power or resources. When an obvious crime hasn’t been committed, building a solid case can be a challenge. In these instances, a private investigator can help to form an iron clad picture of the reality of the situation, facilitating more favorable judgments for their clients.

  1. Corporate Intelligence

Concerned that a non-compete agreement has been breached or intellectual property has been appropriated? Wanting to get a clear picture of a competitors current strategy or a company’s credentials ahead of a merger? Local private investigators can illuminate the truth through corporate intelligence gathering.

  1. Security Analysis

From digital security to on-site safety, a private investigation firm is a likely port of call for businesses hoping to find any holes in their defenses. Better yet, a trusted investigator with expertise in this area will be able to advise on how to enhance security to its full potential.

  1. Workplace Investigations

While many larger organizations have am HR department that can carry out workplace investigations when something untoward occurs, they still might choose to outsource the task to private investigators. This is because a private detective is an impartial presence, so their evidence gathering and ultimate testimony can offer greater protection against liability should the investigation result in litigation.

  1. Art and Jewelry Theft

Oftentimes, law enforcement agencies simply don’t have the resources to chase down precious and sentimental valuables, inevitably placing greater focus on solving violent crimes. When something treasured vanishes, hiring a private investigation firm offers peace of mind that pursuit is still underway, making recovering the stolen items is more likely.

  1. Corporate Culture Audits

Rather than waiting until signs of cultural deterioration start to manifest in the form of workplace theft, malingering, or worse, businesses are increasingly turning to private investigation services to analyze and improve their corporate culture proactively.

  1. Good Ol’ Surveillance

The roles above only scratch the surface of what private investigators do within today’s society. Of course, you can always trust that they continue to covertly carry out surveillance whenever an investigation warrants it! That said, while the endeavor might be old fashioned in its sentimentality, contemporary surveillance is a pretty high-tech affair.
Did any of those activities surprise you? Learn more about the role of private investigators by exploring the Lauth Investigations International website. Or, if you have a specific challenge to navigate, why not contact our team directly? We are always here to answer your questions, and jump on the case at hand.