If something has gone seriously sideways in your place of business and you need to launch an internal corporate investigation, there is good reason to pause before deciding to do the whole thing in-house. If the allegations are serious then there’s a good chance that your corporate internal investigations will lead to a termination. If so, you’d best make sure you’ve got all your ducks in a row.

Wrongful termination can lead to some mighty expensive lawsuits if the employee on the receiving end sets sights on pursuing legal recourse. The costs of a settlement of this kind can land anywhere between $5,000 and more than $100,000 depending on the circumstances. Making matters worse, those figures don’t even include additional fees such as punitive and compensatory damages or attorney and court fees.

So, what’s the single best way to protect your business against the risks of a wrongful termination lawsuit? Simply put, it’s to ensure that your internal corporate investigations are ironclad and 100% impartial. But, in a workplace that sees your HR and leadership teams mingling with other departments at every wine-infused office social, that’s almost impossible to guarantee. The answer is to bring in an outsider to assist with the corporate investigation process. Here’s what you need to know:

Advantages of External Assistance in Workplace Investigations

There’s no escaping the fact that internal corporate investigations take up time and effort that most companies don’t have to spare. The department head or HR manager tasked with leading the investigation is pulled away from their other duties, leaving a gaping hole in productivity. This role can impact their morale and those who work alongside them. Meanwhile, if they don’t do a stand-up job, the ripple effect of unconstructive interviews or sloppily gathered evidence can travel through the wider team.

In contrast, a professional corporate investigator is trained to move through the corporate investigation process swiftly, discreetly, and diligently. They will ensure that disruption is minimal and that all affected employees are handled with courtesy and compassion. At the same time, free from any of the biases that a colleague would have, the corporate investigator can use gathered evidence to create an impartial map of the facts. In doing so, they will allow your company to draw conclusions and make disciplinary decisions with total confidence.

Entrust the Corporate Investigations Process to Lauth Investigations International

We work with organizations of every scale daily, helping them avoid the pitfalls of the investigatory process that might otherwise lead to escalating employee misconduct or costly legal battles. We can cover every area of the spectrum, from prevention to legal support and everything in between.

If you want to reduce the risks that leave your business open to things like theft, embezzlement, white collar crime, time theft, and more, we can help you sure up your defenses with comprehensive employee background checks, violence and threat assessments, and corporate culture audits. 
If, however, the red flags are already flying, then we can help you navigate the minefield before you. We’ll root out those undermining your success with an air-tight corporate investigation process that yields real results. Plus, if a legal issue arises, our expert investigators will be ready with documented evidence and the capacity to provide court testimony if called upon. Are you ready to learn more? Then reach out  to our team today. A consultation comes with no obligation, but it might save you from a whole lot of heartache.