The realization that a loved one is missing can leave you with a million thoughts and questions.  From feelings of helplessness to wondering what’s the next step,  hiring an investigator can help alleviate some of those concerns.

Missing Poster


18 year old Shoshanna didn’t return from school following a typical school day,  leaving her parents cause for concern.  Shoshanna suffered from mood disorders so the parents had been keeping close tabs.  By hiring an investigator they were able to locate their daughter and get her proper treatment.  In situations such as these Lauth Investigations has a through process that has proved efficient, and gets results.

In this particular case the parents were referred to Lauth Investigations and upon his hiring a standard two step process begins.  The first part includes meticulous information gathering.

First, a full review of the missing person takes place.  This background information sets a vital foundation for the case.  Any places of interest are collected, as well as any behavior patterns, looking into the person’s spheres of influence etc.  All this data is gathered and organized for analytical purposes.


Things are now a tad more comprehensive from the ole yarn board days (source: Pintrest)

This 2nd phase of the investigation includes on-site investigation work.  This process takes longer and entails methodically going to locations of interest and interviewing people close to the case.  In this instance, Lauth Investigations located Shoshanna by deducing her previous frequented locations and contacting the missing persons unit in an area that has a history of human trafficking. Swift course of action prevented further harm to this individual.

Another component that Lauth Investigations prides itself in is recurring follow-ups following the conclusion of the case.  This provides an update to the case, and can often alleviate leftover concerns or fears on behalf of the client.

Of course reasons for locating someone need not be only in dire circumstances.  In the past LII has had missing person cases dealing with family reunions, reuniting old friendships, or locating people due to a moral or fiscal responsibility. In today’s social media era individuals now have a first pass in finding old connections. Though we live in a web 2.0 digital age, it still remains important to be aware and notify someone in the event of a individual disheartening.

(Source: Salvation Army)

Reunited and it feels so good (Source: Salvation Army)

Of course the diversity of missing person cases is not only for children or runaways.  From recent headline making events, a missing person knows not age or gender so having private investigators in your corner such as Lauth Investigations can be a helpful first step to located a loved one.