Does your company need an undercover corporate investigator?

From time to time, corporate entities within Indianapolis and right across Indiana will inevitably face the need for some sort of internal investigation. For small business owners right through to those at the helm of vast organizations, it is impossible to know every detail of what goes on while employees are on the clock. When circumstances lead you to suspect that something untoward is occurring, recruiting the best private investigator services to resolve any issues swiftly is always a deft move. Here, we will explore why an undercover corporate investigator can be so valuable, the types of misconduct that can warrant such action, and what to look for in the best private detective for the task at hand.

Types of Corporate Misconduct That Can Warrant an Undercover Investigation

The nature of misconduct that might lead you to call in the private detective cavalry can be varied both in terms of nature and frequency. Using an undercover corporate investigator is typically called for in matters where discretion is key. At Lauth Investigations HQ here in Indianapolis, our team has certainly encountered businesses battling damage done by a single but unidentified employee, alongside those suffering an endemic crisis of misbehavior due to disastrously failing corporate culture.

The impact of issues bubbling just under the surface can span from relatively small-volume revenue loss due to employee time theft, through to major crisis following large-scale fraud or embezzlement. Whichever the case may be, the best private investigator services will provide a precise and decisive game, and a solid body of evidence, allowing you the opportunity to successfully navigate whatever lies ahead. Examples of instances when an undercover investigation may be pertinent include:

  • Employee payroll abuse and time theft
  • All forms of harassment, bullying, or discriminatory behavior
  • Suspected employee substance abuse
  • Corporate theft
  • White-collar crime
  • FMLA abuse
  • Asset misuse
  • Non-compete violations
  • Corruption and bribery
  • Workplace incident investigations
  • Fraud and forgery

Stealth Is Often The Most Efficient Way To Route Out A Problem

Providing a unique upper-hand over internal investigations, an undercover corporate  investigator is able to discreetly uncover truths and reveal inconsistencies, all while compiling a comprehensive file of documented evidence. The best private detective for this task will be experienced and adept at going undercover in the field, as well as being able to assess all present parties with total impartiality – something that internal HR personnel may find difficult to do. Their sole motivation will be to pin point and highlight the origin of any suspected misconduct without alerting your team to their presence until their investigation is complete.

When you know that something is amiss, identifying the truth of that suspicion can be impeded simply because you and your trusted associates are simply too close to the problem. In contrast, an undercover operation as a facet of the best private investigator services will employ both neutral analysis and a broad surveillance and observation skill set. Your assigned undercover corporate investigator will begin by consulting with you to create a foundational picture of the understanding and intelligence you already have, before beginning the dedicated undertaking of building upon it.

Meeting The Unique Needs Of Your Business or Organization

Corporate entities of any scale can fall prey to those with nefarious intentions, potentially leading to a negative impact on leaders, employees, and clients alike. Talented professionals from Lauth Investigations possess the knowledge and resources required to uncover and even prevent the impact of fraud, misconduct, or deceit in the workplace. We can mount complex undercover operations, drawing on the latest in high-tech surveillance and in-depth understanding of legal factors at every step of the way.
In terms of prevention, we offer Corporate Culture Audits, illuminating paths towards reducing the risk of various internal threats. We also provide expert guidance on navigating external risk and enhancing all aspects of security. Learn more about the diversity of Corporate Investigations available from Lauth Investigations – both in Indianapolis, Indiana, and beyond – or contact our team to discuss your unique needs today.