For many, the thought of professional investigators tends to bring two mental images to mind. We either picture the intrepid private investigator on the trail of a missing person or cheating spouse; or – at the other end of the spectrum – we imagine substantial corporate investigations, perhaps sniffing out endemic white-collar crime or embezzlement within vast multinationals. Based on what many have seen in the media, private investigator services seem to only have certain applications.

But, truth be told, a substantial space remains in between these two scenarios with no less of a need. For a diversity of business owners in Indianapolis – and across Indiana at large – recognizing the power that investigative services can offer means access to a wealth of potentially rewarding resources.

Private investigator services can deliver meaningful value and tangible results for businesses of any scale and within any industry. If you have the sense that there is reason to be concerned about the financial, interpersonal, or intellectual property health of your business, a corporate or criminal private investigator could be exactly the ally you need.

Not only can the most skilled investigators sleuth out the truth of a problem already on your radar, but they can also shine a light on how to bolster your business vitals for enhanced performance. Are you curious to know more about what Lauth Investigations might do for your business? Read on to discover some of the untapped potential at your fingertips!

Conducting Impartial Investigations

There are a myriad of different scenarios that can trigger us to conclude that an investigation is warranted. From a restaurant owner who suspects employee substance abuse, to an HR manager who has received a harassment complaint; knowing how to navigate a situation in which some of the facts remain murky is tricky – especially from an inside perspective. In these moments, reaching towards trusted and local private investigator services can ensure that whatever happens next remains impartial.

When crime or misconduct of any kind occurs within a business or corporate environment, the burden of conducting investigations can put an immense amount of strain on a team that would otherwise be focused on driving success. Lifting this burden from your core team both protects their well-being while safeguarding the integrity of investigation results.

You’ll always want to ensure that the results of any investigation impact your business in a positive way – whether that’s making sure that discipline or dismissal won’t later draw legal repercussions, or being able to present a strong body of evidence when reporting a crime. In all of these areas, professional investigators from Lauth Investigations are poised to ensure constructive outcomes for all who seek them in Indianapolis, and beyond.

Uncovering the Information You Need

So, what kinds of scenarios might warrant calling in the experts? The types of private investigator services you require might include conducting research into employee misconduct – ranging from small-scale dishonesty through to large-scale fraud or corruption. It may arrive in the form of research into companies with which you do business – be they suppliers, partners, or prospects for acquisitions, joint ventures, or mergers, to name but a few.

Private investigators possess the skill set required to deliver cost-effective results that are professionally obtained and legally by the book. They are licenced to carry out investigative actions such as background checks or undercover surveillance that would otherwise be out of reach. Ultimately, their role is to ensure that you gain access to the information you need to protect your company and employees from harm.

Staying Ahead of Potential Problems

Of course, prevention is always better than cure. Did you know that portion of the work we do here at Lauth Investigations in Indianapolis, Indiana, takes the form of carrying out audits? This element of private investigator services allows businesses small and large to side-step potential pitfalls with time to spare.
This might mean conducting security risk assessments before providing tailored advice, or performing corporate culture audits to prevent a breeding ground for misconduct taking hold. The spectrum of support that we offer is broad, and uniquely customized in terms of scope and budget. If you would like to learn more about what our team can do for your business, contact us today.