Accident with two cars

In 2013, 2.35 million Americans were injured from automobile accidents.  This equates to a total of 230.6 billion dollars in medical and insurance costs. Regardless of the frequency and costs associated with car accidents, the vast majority of individuals in such scenarios will never think to utilize a third party resource like a private investigator.

In reality, using a private investigator (PI) can be beneficial for several kinds of accident cases.  For instance, if one party feels the accident report was insufficient, a PI could alleviate doubt by determining cause and circumstances.

Gathering impartial evidence that others may have missed is exactly what happened in this example from a recent International Counterintelligence Services (ICS) article.

“At a stop light, a driver was turning left at an intersection.  She was making the turn under common circumstances: oncoming traffic not stopping till the yellow has already turned red.  Because she was in the intersection she made the turn as is allowed.  While making the turn a speeding car went through the red light.  The client’s car was clipped while the driver running the red spun out across the intersection.  The police implicated both parties in the accident.”

Since police are often strictly looking to determine whether a driver has broken a law, instances like this can occur without malfeasance. In this particular case, the driver felt she was the wronged party regardless of the police officer’s findings. This led her to hire a private investigator, who found evidence indicating the client was not liable.

Of course, this is just one example from the myriad occasions in which hiring a PI can save you stress, time, and money when dealing with an accident.  Other instances that an investigator can be of service in may include:

  • Collecting and affirming case details
  • Determining neglect
  • Fighting cases involving large settlements
  • Disputing unsatisfactory evidence from lawyers
  • Overcoming roadblocks in collecting insurance settlements

4084863940_5514d6c013_zThough car accidents remain the most common occurrence, this is not the only area of expertise for most accident investigators.  Maritime and aviation accidents have also sought the help of an investigator.  Work related accidents should seek the help of an investigator which can make or break ones workers’ comp.

Hiring an investigator brings detailed accounts and facts to your case that you might not otherwise have.  At Lauth Investigations, you also get a professional team with decades of experience in getting to the bottom of every case.

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