When evidence points to the unpleasant reality that someone has targeted your organization, it’s not the time to bury your head in the sand. From a cybersecurity threat to white collar crime; from fraud or extortion to a physical break-in: it’s safe to assume that the violation in question isn’t an isolated incident. You’re going to need to take immediate steps to plug leaks, remove vulnerabilities, beef up securities, and assess the damage that has been done. Crucially, it’s time to call a corporate theft investigator, and there isn’t a minute to lose. Corporate theft investigations are the first step in getting to the bottom of the problem.

  1. The Many Faces Of Corporate Theft

Corporate theft comes in many guises, and business leaders should be mindful of all of them. The assets that bad actors might target include physical inventory, financial assets, intellectual property, and more. The actors themselves could be members of your team on any level—making the issue one of internal corporate theft—or supposedly trustworthy business partners, suppliers, or clients who have been granted just enough access to do harm. Finally, it might be an outsider with the wherewithal to bypass your security entirely—denoting external corporate theft. 

Complicating matters, those doing the stealing will likely bend over backwards to cover their tracks—so when a workplace investigation is called for, you’ll want to be prepared that it might uncover a rot that has festered. The good news is that a seasoned corporate investigator will not only be able to reveal the extent of nefarious actions, but advise on the steps to take next in the name of damage control and recovery. Whether they collaborate with your HR investigator or take full control of theft-related HR investigations, you can be confident that any threat will be effectively neutralised, allowing you to pursue justice and ultimately get back to what you do best.

  1. Hiring a Corporate Investigator

Discovering that your business has fallen prey to corporate theft can leave many executives in a tailspin. Thoughts of reputational damage, rifts with shareholders, or potential legal ramifications are certainly daunting. However, this is where the tactic of hiring a corporate investigation firm for expert assistance comes into its own. 

The dedicated workplace investigator is an expert at discreetly navigating exceptionally sensitive issues of this nature, and will act swiftly to resolve the challenge at hand while maintaining utmost confidence. The corporate investigation process can take place with minimal disruption to your team and daily operations, with information shared on a strictly need-to-know basis and conclusions kept under wraps until you have a concrete plan of action in place. Of course, the corporate investigator is also well versed at collaborating with law enforcement and will ensure that your company’s actions are compliant, ethical, and legally air-tight as workplace investigations progress.

  1. How To Prevent Corporate Theft

Undoubtedly, any business owner would rather never face the need for corporate theft investigations. So how can corporate investigation services help you lessen the risk in the first place? Well, diligent background checks on recruits and business partners is a great place to start. Gathering corporate intelligence can help you guard against non-compete violations and intellectual property theft. Meanwhile, periodic corporate culture audits can help you forge an environment where employees are far less likely to feel disgruntled enough to act against the company in the first place.
Here at Lauth Investigations International, our expert corporate division offers all of the corporate investigation examples that you may require—making hiring a corporate investigator for your company’s unique needs easy and simple to do. With the right ally in your corner, navigating corporate theft doesn’t need to be daunting. As ominous as such an occurrence may be, you can rest easy that the right actions are being taken on your behalf. If you’re ready to show active or potential perpetrators that yours is not the business to mess with, we’re ready to stand by your side. Contact the team to get started today.