A lot of people might imagine that undercover investigations are something that’s only really seen in the movies. A smooth talking operative, planted at the core of a villainous organization, tirelessly working to overthrow evil. What a great plot concept! But an undercover investigator can be so much more than what we see in the movies.

While those of us who undertake this work in the real world might enjoy the flattering portrayal, the reality is that undercover investigations are far more common than you might think—and an effective option for businesses of any size, when the situation warrants them. An undercover investigator, or even a team of investigators, may enter a business at any level in order to gather evidence of a crime underway, or gain a clear picture of employee misconduct without alerting the perpetrators.

This Big Screen-Worthy Tactic Doesn’t Need a Hollywood Budget

When a business is already feeling the strain, the last thing they need is a fraudster or thief on their payroll. Truth be told, even the healthiest and most prosperous corporations can be dramatically derailed by those they should be able to trust the most. From drug use during working hours through to white collar crime, employee misconduct and criminality can be tricky to spot. However, allowing dangerous or unlawful behavior to run rampant means accruing costs that both honest employees and the business itself will have to shoulder.

Whether evidence is hard to come by, the culprit isn’t obvious, or a business is afraid of legal repercussions, taking decisive action can be the most efficient and cost-effective route to resolving matters once and for all. A swift and strategic corporate investigation will deliver the hard-hitting evidence required to allow leadership to act—and in many cases, an undercover investigation stands as the most laser-sharp tactic to get the job done.

Why Undercover Investigations Are So Effective

The harsh reality is that catching a thief, abuser, or criminal red handed is a luxury that few employers are afforded. Those who know their actions aren’t allowed bend over backwards not to get caught—this isn’t a Disney movie, so there’ll be no striped jumper and swag bag. That said, those who feel comfortable with immoral acts are far more likely to drop their guard with a peer, making an undercover investigator the best possible candidate for effective evidence gathering.

Under the umbrella of corporate investigations services, an undercover investigation means taking the fight to the front line. This intimate vantage point provides the perfect opportunity to make deft work of preventing the losses, injury, or liability that the misconduct at hand may ultimately result in. Meanwhile, because the operation is covert, day-to-day operations are not disrupted, and the remainder of your staff can continue their work uninhibited. Once a strong case is built, resolution can be decisive, and carefully managed, in order to keep morale on track.

Why External Corporate Investigations Specialists Are a Worthy Ally

Expert undercover operatives are well trained to maintain their discreet cover—all while operating under a fictitious identity that even extends to their online presence. An undercover investigation may serve as only a facet of a larger corporate investigation, perhaps including surveillance, employee background checks, research, and risk assessments. Fundamentally, a seasoned and trusted corporate investigations firm is best posed to provide for and scale to any corporate cause for concern.

Here at Lauth Investigations, we also offer businesses with proactive and preventative support, in the form of corporate background checks and Corporate Culture Audits. The latter is a bold and new addition to the corporate investigations landscape, providing a comprehensive overview to those at the helm of any enterprise—spanning team morale, operational structure, communications, pervasive misconduct, decision making efficiency, and much more. Finally, this service includes a crystal-clear game-plan that will allow organizations to move the needle towards prosperity, and leave investigation-worthy issues behind.
Evidence uncovered by undercover investigators can be invaluable, so don’t write off this finely-tuned resource as fantasy over fact. Skilled undercover investigators from Lauth Investigations are ready to answer your call. Why not learn more about our corporate specialties, discover the innovative Corporate Culture Audit, or simply contact our team to discuss your needs and receive a no-obligation quote today.