Whether you own a business or manage a nonprofit organization, one of the inalienable truths about both is that you need good people to be successful. Good help can be hard to find, but not if you have the correct procedures in place with regards to hiring and promotion. That means implementing comprehensive background checks and exercising due-diligence in confirming the facts. However, many businesses and nonprofits find that they are ill-equipped to conduct thorough background checks in addition to managing their day-to-day operations. That’s why many in leadership are looking to outsource background check procedures to third-party companies.

When it comes to handling background investigations internally, the most important thing to remember is that they are internal. This can become a problem in a situation where a current employee is being promoted from within. The internal investigator who is conducting the background investigation may have a personal relationship with the candidate, which can muddle the integrity of the investigation. That’s why when businesses outsource background check investigations, they can count on integrity to be a tenant of that investigation. This way the investigation can avoid any conflict of interest.

When you outsource background check operations to a third-party firm, you also get the expertise that’s necessary to get comprehensive, clarified intelligence. Internal employees who’ve been tasked with conducting background checks may lack the required insight to properly contextualize items of interest. For instance, some employers look at a long address history on a candidate’s background check as a sign of transience and a lack of ability to make a serious commitment. However, a professional like a private investigator would look at all aspects of the background check for proper context—like a history of house-flipping for profit that would require a new address after completing each project. This crucial context prevents that candidate from being disqualified in the first round of due-diligence in hiring processes, and the company would not miss out on an opportunity in a new employee.

Background checks, when executed correctly, take a great deal of time. All of the facts must be cross-referenced for confirmation, facts must be properly contextualized, and it may become necessary to contact subjects of interest on the background check in order to exercise the proper due-diligence. This can further exacerbate the disruptions that the hiring process brings to daily operations. With disruption comes loss of profit and frustration for the internal team. Making the decision to outsource background check operations can ensure that the day-to-day of a company or non-profit is not interrupted to their detriment, while maintaining the integrity and clarity necessary.

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