Private investigators do a variety of work. They track down missing people and recover lost assets. They keep an eye on spouses when one partner is worried about infidelity or in the process of divorce. Private investigators look into business assets during a merger and vet CEOs to make sure there are not hidden secrets that will embarrass the company later.

People tend to assume private investigators only do one kind of work, but that’s a mistake. Here are some stories from around the web that demonstrate the versatility of private investigators and all they do.


Private eyes look for runaways, sex-trade victims to rescue

Founder and operator of Lauth Investigations International, Thomas Lauth, was featured in this article from the San Diego Tribune about private investigators working to recover missing people being trafficked into the sex trade.

In Indiana, Thomas Lauth, founder of Lauth Investigations, said his company has worked trafficking cases since “before the word ‘trafficking’ ever came around.”

Historically, he said, law enforcement turned their backs on trafficking victims they viewed simply as prostitutes.

He said that often times a girl is recruited by a friend who introduces her to a trafficker or pimp.

“Police say she left on her own. Parents don’t know what to do. They call police repeatedly. Then they call an investigator,” Lauth said.

Obviously we’re very happy to see Tom’s hard work and dedication to helping families and children being featured in such a big newspaper, but we’re even happier for the work itself. Tom has a long history of finding missing people and helping families recover their loved ones. It’s hard work, but Tom loves doing it and always gets it done.


Private Investigator Investigates Client while Client Investigates Him

In a strange case of cat and mouse, Buzzfeed Motion Pictures employee Mike Carrier hired a private investigator to investigate himself and see what he could dig up. Unbeknownst to the private investigator, Carrier hired a second private investigator to investigate the first private investigator. The story ends rather anticlimactically, but it’s worth reading just for the uniqueness of the situation.


Man Trashes Woman’s Home then Rinses his Hair

Burglars breaking into people’s home and using their showers is surprising common as we wrote about here. While most people would assume burglars want to get in and out as quickly as possible, they’re frequently tempted to get far too comfortable in the homes they invade.

In Youngstown, Ohio this week a man broke into a woman’s house and trashed the inside before the homeowner returned and found the man rinsing his hair in the shower. Surveillance video showed the man came from a convince store around the corner. Police said the man had a lengthy burglary record.


Star of Mannix, Mike Connors, Dies at age 91

Mannix was a tv show that aired for eight season on CBS starting in 1967. Mike Connors played the hero and title namesake Mannix. The show was a big hit despite poor first season ratings. Mannix was a private investigator in Los Angeles who solved street crime and mixed it up with bad guys.

In the CBS News obituary Connors said Mannix was a hit because, ““Up until Mannix, most private investigators were hard-nosed, cynical guys who lived in a seedy area and had no emotions. Mannix got emotionally involved. He was not above being taken advantage of.”


David Schroeder, Blog Writer, Lauth Investigations International