texas private investigator

In matters both private and corporate, private investigators can be invaluable multi-tools for individuals who are hoping to clinch crucial intelligence, or execute specific tasks. However, there are times when field operations can become extremely dangerous or even fatal, like the tragic fate of a Texas private investigator when he attempted to serve a warrant on a suspect of child sexual assault. The private investigator was shot by the subject of the warrant, prompting a response from the Garland Police, resulting in multiple fatalities.  

On June 2, in the early evening, a group of private investigators were attempting to serve a warrant for Little Elm resident, Juan Carlos Lopez, 33, for “multiple counts of child sexual assault,” according to a release from Garland Police. The attempt to serve the warrant was made just after 7:30 PM at a motel in the 6200 block of Broadway Blvd.  

As the Texas private investigator attempted to serve the warrant, Garland officers on the scene heard gunfire, subsequently getting word that the private investigator had been shot by the suspect. The Garland Officers made entry to the hotel room and pulled the private investigator from the scene. Three of the officers discharged their weapons, striking the suspect, who was pronounced dead at the scene. According to the Garland Police’s statement on social media, “The three officers will be placed on paid administrative leave in accordance with departmental policy.”  

The Texas private investigator was taken to the local hospital where he was also pronounced deceased. They have not yet been identified pending the notification of their family and loved ones. The investigation remains ongoing. According to the statement released by the Garland Police, “Garland Detectives and members of the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office Public Integrity Unit responded to the scene to investigate according to standard procedures.