Most Common Signs of a Cheating Spouse Shared By Private Investigator

Most Common Signs of a Cheating Spouse Shared By Private Investigator

most common signs of a cheating spouse

What are the most common signs of a cheating spouse? Some people think they have an instinct for these things—that they know their partner, and they know when something is not right—and can identify behaviors as suspicious when they are actually innocuous. In order to get crystal clear clarification on whether or not your partner or spouse is being unfaithful, you’ll need a seasoned private investigator.

One of the most famed tasks of private investigators in popular media is hiring a private investigator to find out if a spouse is cheating. Private investigators are famous for following spouses who are suspected of infidelity, documenting their movements, reviewing their financial records, and providing comprehensive reports for the client’s use in an subsequent legal action. However, not every suspicion of infidelity might be cause for hiring a private investigator. From the experts at Lauth Investigations International, here are the most common signs of a cheating spouse.

Decrease in affection or intimacy: Intimacy comes in many forms in a relationship, and they are not always sexual in nature. Each couple has their love languages and their personal ways of showing affection to one another. Significant decreases in these forms of affection and intimacy could be a sign that your partner is having these needs filled by another person. This could come in the form of either a physical or emotional affair.

Questionable cell phone and internet use: Everyone is entitled to their privacy, but within a relationship, there must be a level of transparency and communication that inspires trust. If your partner or spouse is being secretive with their phone and internet habits, it is possible its because they have something to hide. Affairs do not have to be physical. Individuals can conduct illicit relationships over the internet and through text messaging. A constant clearing of the browser history may also be cause for alarm.

Drastic changes in appearance and hygiene: It’s not uncommon for cheaters to suddenly undergo drastic changes to their physical appearance when they are having an affair. Sure, one haircut does not mean your spouse or partner is cheating on you, but changes in hair, wardrobe, and workout routine all at the same time may be a red flag as well. In the case of physical affairs, cheaters are known to cover their tracks by increasing the frequency of bathing and opting for strong perfumes and colognes to cover unexplainable odors.

Increased working hours: “Working late” is by far one of the most common excuses for cheating spouses that exists. Partners and spouses use the cover of longer working hours because it is a convenient reason to be absent from the home or from the phone, and their significant other will likely not question their absence because they are earning a living.

If only one of these signs is present in the relationship, there could be a simple explanation. In the case of secretive device use—it’s possible your spouse or partner is planning some kind of surprise; maybe a gift, a party, or a vacation. A decrease in intimacy could be a sign of depression or illness. However, if you or someone you love is experiencing two or more of these most common signs of a cheating spouse, it may be time to call a private investigator and get the answers you need.

Life is difficult enough without embarking on a mission to expose your spouse’s cheating ways. We all have jobs, families, and hobbies that we’d much rather devote time to instead of playing junior private detective. If you suspect your spouse is cheating, it’s time to hire a private investigator. Private investigators have diverse experience in surveillance and field operations and know the sophisticated methodology behind following a person without being noticed. Because they will be a stranger to your family, this dramatically increases the likelihood your spouse will never know they’re being followed. Infidelity investigations are unique in the sense that if the client in question is the subject’s spouse, the client can give a private investigator access to documents that they might not otherwise be able to locate, such as specific bank records or sealed court documents. Private investigators can photograph or record your spouse or partner’s infidelity, compile the evidence along with additional relevant information, and even serve as an expert witness in any legal proceedings that occur as a result of the conclusion of the investigation.

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Connecticut Private Investigator Offers Advice On How to Beat a Cheating Husband at His Own Game

A leading private investigator explains how many women are taking action to catch suspicious spouses in the act.

“Cheating husbands are still a hot topic in the media,” says Christopher Paoletti, Founder and President of Infidelity Investigations (, a Connecticut private investigation firm that specializes in infidelity cases. “As a result, many women that have long suspected that their husbands were cheating are now taking steps to find out if their suspicions are true.”

According to Paoletti, the best way for a woman to determine if her husband is cheating is to collect as much evidence as possible.

“Gathering the necessary evidence of infidelity not only helps a wife to understand the true nature of her marriage,” says Paoletti, “but it is that evidence that will be necessary if divorce is a consideration.”

Paoletti says that it is the evidence of infidelity that can be critical to a women’s success in obtaining a fair settlement. Gaining factual, legally viable evidence of an affair, he says, is not only necessary, but it can give a woman an advantage.

“This is why hiring a professional private investigator to do the job is a good idea,” says Paoletti.

For the wife’s part, Paoletti suggests that she leave the evidence gathering to the professionals and keep a journal of any suspicious activity.

“Women seem to have a sixth sense about infidelity, so once a wife begins to suspect, they should start writing down those suspicions,” says Paoletti. “We tell our clients to give as much detail as possible about why they suspect that an affair is taking place and take notes that include any strange behavior with times, dates and observations.”

Paoletti suggests that the wife makes sure to keep the journal hidden by asking a friend to hold onto the journal for her.

“The longer that a woman is able to keep her suspicions a secret, the longer she will be able to garner evidence,” says Paoletti. “Letting the spouse know of any suspicions may cause him to change his routine, which makes gathering evidence harder. Of course, it is advisable to involve a professional private investigator as soon as possible, to be sure that all bases are covered.”

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