While there are a great number of Private Investigators across America doing great work for individual clients, a small and elite few among their numbers offer greater specialization. This high-caliber investigative service can be invaluable to attorneys doing vital work for their clients, and insurance companies aiming to mitigate the risk of fraudulent claims.

This class of investigator often comes from a background in law enforcement or some form of legal profession—but most crucially, they are optimally versed in exactly what attorneys require when presenting evidence, and build every investigative case file with the mindset that it must be airtight in court. Better yet, they are also optimally poised to provide day-to-day support, thanks to full understanding of the task on the table—making them the ideal right hand for those taking the lead.

With licensed access to restricted databases and comprehensive knowledge of both state and national policies, a seasoned Private Investigator is an ideal ally for those tackling complex caseloads. Here, we’ll explore why outsourcing key investigative tasks can be both cost-effective and time-saving for any attorney or insurance company.

Increasing Efficiency With a Private Investigator

For insurance providers and attorneys alike, every case calls for a unique process, and scopes can grow as complexities can arise. When following a person—or object—across state lines becomes a necessity, a crucial witness falls off the grid, or surveillance is called for, a Private Investigator’s assistance can become a must. However, there is much to be said for streamlining investigations at an earlier stage with outsourced assistance.

Crucially, a Private Investigator’s objective is to move the needle faster. In many cases, a Private Investigator will be able to quickly uncover evidence that brings conclusions forwards—prevents costs from escalating, or facilitating an earlier settlement, plea, or denial. Fundamentally, due diligence lies at the core of every effort undertaken by the Lauth Investigations team, and that dedication can help you ensure that your case is both deft and airtight.

Drawing Upon a Broad Skill Set

Private Investigators who are well versed in legal process, witness interviewing, and evidence gathering, offer a spectrum of services that can assist attorneys and insurance companies alike. Examples of the assistance they may provide to attorneys include:

  • Locating or identifying credible witnesses
  • Assisting in defence strategy development
  • Monitoring intellectual property
  • Gathering and verifying evidence
  • Locating heirs and assisting in estate cases
  • Reviewing electronic evidence
  • Liaising with law enforcement
  • Questioning witnesses
  • Preparing for cross examination
  • Uncovering concealed assets
  • Monitoring white-collar criminal activity
  • Preparing, serving, and filing legal documents
  • Investigating or recreating crime scenes

When it comes to collaborating with insurance companies, Private Investigators may assist with cases pertaining to personal injury, healthcare claims, product liability, disability claims, workers compensation, theft, and many more. Examples of the assistance they provided to insurers include:

  • Reviewing documents
  • Performing background checks
  • Carrying out surveillance
  • Reconstructing case history
  • Locating objects or assets
  • Conducting in-depth research

Partner With a Private Investigator Who Understands Your Role Fully

The Lauth Investigations team draw on 25 years of experience, mounting investigations ranging from those set in the corporate world to those that traverse the globe. Among the many facets of our work, supporting attorneys and insurance companies as they build complex cases and quest for efficient and cost-effective resolution is a source of great pride.
Discover more about the attorney and legal services we provide, before contacting our team today to discuss how we can help you take longer strides with dedicated investigative support from Lauth Investigations.