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Although you might not know it, there are several “snoop specialties” that any private investigator might be an expert in. From cyber investigation and white collar crime to missing persons and divorce investigation, each investigator usually has a particular interest that can best help people who are dealing with that specific type of case.

General Investigators – This is a general, all-around investigator who can do anything from find your lost pet to locate an old high school teacher. Although they are licensed to investigate almost every type of case, they may have a specialty or extensive experience in another area.

Legal Investigators – These investigators work closely with law firms to develop information that can assist with legal proceedings. Some of these instances may include contract law, divorce proceedings, or healthcare-related background or ethical investigations. Legal investigators are vital parts of the trial process, and their testimony is often key to the outcome.

Corporate Investigators – Corporate investigators are one of the lesser-known snoop specialties, often because their work is not as glamorous as others. These investigators work with financial figures, data, and interoffice communications to track down inappropriate behavior or mismanagement of funds. Often, they are called in to work on merger and acquisition proceedings, and provide in-depth information about the company that is being acquired.

Cyber Investigators – These individuals use technology to gather information. As the growth of the internet and cyber-crime increases, this is one of the fastest-growing snoop specialties today. Cyber investigators can track IP address of cyberbullies, glean erased data from hard drives, and gather data about online predators.

Workmen’s Compensation Investigators – Workmen’s compensation investigators work closely with corporations and insurance companies to verify that claimants are truly as hurt as they say they are. They may do personal interviews with friends and neighbors, follow a claimant to observe behavior, or cross-check medical claims.

No matter what specialty you need, there is always an investigator who has a wealth of experience to offer you. Here’s a quick infographic to help you remember the right kind of investigator for your particular needs.

Snoop Specialties