Run any business long enough, and eventually, you are bound to encounter the challenges that come with incidents of employment violations. Unlike many cases of criminal activity in the workplace, this kind of employee misconduct may not lead to litigation. However, it could still represent a significant threat to the financial and functional stability of your enterprise, making it vital to remain alert and take action at the first sign of trouble. When you first suspect a significant threat to your business, it’s crucial to consult a workplace investigator.

So, how might employers measure this threat? Well, an employment violation can be described as any action or behavior that defies the policies, rules, and standards set by the company in question or the laws to which it is bound.

This type of employee misconduct can range from malingering and time theft through to harassment and discrimination, non-compete violations, company asset misuse, and more. Essentially, the scale and scope of employment violations can vary substantially, but when appropriate workplace investigations are launched, an employer is well positioned to protect themselves.

It’s easy to imagine kick-starting a swift and effective investigation after a possible employment violation has been reported, but a concrete complaint or witness testimony isn’t always a necessary trigger.

If as an employer, you are concerned that your workplace has become a home to shady comings and goings, disingenuous attitudes, or dishonest conduct, waiting can be a risky gamble. However, setting a proactive workplace investigator on the trail of potential violations might just save your enterprise from a perilous storm in the making.

How a Corporate Investigator Reveals Employment Violations

Before action can be taken against the perpetrators of any employment violations, evidence must first be gathered. While in-house HR investigations can carry you so far in this regard, collaborating with a professional workplace investigator will mean gaining access to a far wider and more efficient array of skills, means, and expertise.

For example, a corporate investigator from Lauth Investigations International will be able to perform comprehensive background checks on suspects, delving into many of the same databases used by law enforcement. They will be able to legally and safely carry out surveillance operations, with all the necessary equipment, and utilize digital forensics techniques whenever necessary.

In certain cases, a licensed workplace investigator may go undercover within a company to uncover employment violations in action. On the other side of the same coin, when operating with acknowledged presence, they will be able to draw from specialist training when conducting interviews with both victims and suspects. Meticulous documentation, utmost discretion, and procedural excellence are all par for the course. Together, these factors offer outstanding peace of mind to employers as their worries are meticulously and efficiently addressed.

If you are concerned about employment violations taking place within your business or team, a corporate investigator from Lauth Investigations is only a call or message away. Discover more about our extensive corporate investigations and human resources services or get in touch today to discuss your needs in detail.