Private investigators do a variety of work for individuals and businesses. The majority of P.I.s are honest and work diligently to satisfy their customers and close cases quickly, but like any other industry, there are bad apples in the bunch. Here are some ways private investigators get bad reputations.

Dishonest pricing

Sometimes people come to private investigators in a tight situation and needing help quickly. Individuals can feel pressure to get assistance as fast as possible, especially if it’s a scenario involving their children. Some P.I.s may sense the stress a potential client is facing and exploit it for their own gain. Bad investigators might overcharge these clients who are in a rush to get the work done or aren’t familiar with the industry.

In order to drum up business P.I.’s may give clients below market rates to secure their business. Investigators may offer lower prices for the first job only to raise prices for follow-up work. It’s a classic bait-and-switch.

In both instances the best way to protect yourself from unfair pricing is to shop around and do your own research to compare prices. Don’t accept the first estimate you hear. Request estimates from other private investigators and consult with individuals who have worked with P.I.s before you finalize a deal.

Creating false expectations

Whether it’s a missing item, missing child, or background check on someone you don’t know, you wouldn’t be considering hiring a private investigator if it wasn’t important. A mistake some P.I.s make is promising too much and creating false expectations in the minds of their clients.

The odds of a successful investigation varies from case to case. Investigators need to be accurate and honest when assessing a client’s request. Descent investigators will be upfront with clients about the chances of successfully fulfilling their needs. Private investigators you should avoid will promise results they know they’re unlikely to deliver just to get a paycheck.

It benefits both the client and investigator to understand the challenges they’ll face. Adequately communicating the chances of solving a case prevents the client from unrealistic expectations and potentially heart breaking disappointment. It will also enable the client to better understand the steps and methods the investigator takes. Honesty and integrity are vital to a healthy client-investigator relationship.

Failing to get results

No one wants to spend money on a service that doesn’t get results, especially when it comes to the kind of sensitive matters one employs a private investigator for. It’s frustrating to feel like you’re throwing money down the drain and wasting time on the wrong resources.

Investigations are a difficult line of work, but a quality investigator consistently closes their cases. When you’re looking for a P.I. to assist you, make sure you check online for reviews through services like Google, Yelp, and Angie’s List. Investigative firms should be able to offer references or previous client testimony to help you know you’re making the right choice. You wouldn’t try a new restaurant without checking reviews so why treat your investigate needs any different?

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David Schroeder, Blog Writer, Lauth Investigations International