Photo via Katie Tegtmeyer

Photo via Katie Tegtmeyer

Although private investigators (PIs) are always pretty busy, Valentine’s Day is one of the most taxing parts of the whole year. Why? There’s no more dramatic way to say “You’ve been cheating,” than on V-Day.

In a recent interview with CBS Dallas-Forth Worth, professional private investigator Mike Duncan from Alliance Investigations, LLC explained that Valentine’s Day is a time of year when more people are susceptible to thinking that their spouse has been cheating.

“We’re a full-service firm [in the North Texas area], and we handle a lot of other types of cases,” Duncan said. “But, we really see an increase in [infidelity] cases this time of year.”

What is the cause of this increased infidelity investigation around the hallowed love holiday? Because this is the time that most cheaters are going to make a mistake that will get them caught.

What Makes V-Day the Worst Day for Cheating?

Valentine’s is one of the most lucrative holidays in the world, bringing in an estimated $2.1 billion each year. Because of the social pressure to purchase gifts for romantic interests, private investigators spend many weeks leading up to (and following) V-day searching through credit card bills, checking cell phone interactions, and considering large withdrawals from bank accounts.

Fortunately, professional private investigators like Lauth Investigations International and Alliance Investigations have highlighted a few warning signs to look for before you call a private investigator to get involved in a potential love fiasco.

5 Warning Signs That Your Spouse is Cheating This Valentine’s Day

1. Strange Cell Phone Usage: If your spouse suddenly starts locking his or her phone or laying it face down when you’re around, there is probably something on there they don’t want you to see. Also, if they start hiding it, there’s a good chance that you won’t be happy with what you find when you do find it.

2. Missing Time Before or After V-Day: No cheater in his or her right mind would try to sneak away on Valentine’s Day. But, it is very likely that they will take out their lover the day before or after. This has become such an event that February 13th has been unofficially named, “Mistress Day.” Look for work excursions or day-long events during this time.

3. Empty Browser History: Internet and social media usage has been shown to be directly correlated with cheating behavior, according to Pew Research. Their study found that 24% of internet users have used online sites to flirt with others – despite marital status. This has given way to sites like, which is designed to help married people cheat. If you find that you have a spouse who is consistently deleting browser history on a desktop or cell phone, he or she may be engaging in online activities they don’t want you to know about.

4. Secret Social Media Accounts: Although this may be a hard one to catch, a secret social media account is one of the biggest warning signs of cheating in the 21st Century. In a study published in Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking, researcher Russell Clayton stated that, “Greater active Twitter use led to greater negative conflicts and outcomes.” In addition, social mediums like Snapchat are designed to automatically delete conversations, giving cheaters more security in their online infidelity. Finding suspicious social media accounts under different names is a real sign that this may be happening in your home.

5. Emotional Distance: Finally, although it is a nebulous concept, cheating always leads to a level of emotional distance followed by moments of intense response. Often, cheaters will want to emotionally distance themselves before committing adultery, then be emotionally recharged after a session of infidelity.


According to some professionals, chances of infidelity may be as much as 25 percent over the lifetime of a marriage. Don’t wait another Valentine’s Day to find out if your suspicions are true. Contact a private investigation firm like Lauth Investigations if your spouse is giving off the red flags of infidelity.