With every decade that passes, a new wave of wild corporate scandals emerge—from Martha Stewart’s criminal insider trading through to Joseph Meli’s ticket ponzi scheme—and with them come a new roster of compliance legislation. No doubt, these laws are vital for keeping both consumers and businesses safe. They reflect an ever-more sophisticated world that increasingly calls for international cooperation and high-tech solutions for keeping those of dubious morality honest. When corporations are believed to be acting dishonestly, a compliance investigation is in order.

It’s great to have safeguards in place that center on our best interests, but for companies facing down an impending compliance investigation, the logistical scale of keeping track of every line of legislation and monitoring compliance across different teams and sites can get dizzying. At this juncture, a private investigator becomes the ultimate ally—able to launch efficient and effective corporate investigations that ensure every aspect is on-point, and that the company in questions has documented proof that they were taking every possible step to ensure their actions are to the letter of the law.

Beyond the lens of government, shareholders are also more invested than ever in knowing that their capital is in safe hands. They want to feel confident that regulators are doing their jobs, and that those driving their interests are engaged with the growing number of laws and regulations—100% vigilant to any and all possible irregularities, and committed to compliance and ethics.

Why Call a Private Investigator Ahead of a Compliance Inspection

These days, many larger companies have a Chief Compliance Officer on their payroll. This executive position places one person in charge of overseeing company-wide compliance and steering the culture that supports it. No doubt, it can be useful for reducing potential conflicts of interest, but it doesn’t eliminate them entirely. Of course, for smaller companies, the possibility of hiring a dedicated CCO is out of the question—leaving potential conflict of interest inherent by nature.

The assistance of an external private investigator able to conduct impartial corporate investigations can become an invaluable asset—particularly when a company finds itself under the microscope of a compliance investigation. This simple solution serves as an ultimate gesture of diligence and transparency. By asking a private investigator to audit operations and build a full picture of the state of play, the company makes clear that they are ruled by integrity and unwilling to compromise on behalf of consumers, shareholders, and society at large.

The Practicalities of a Compliance Investigation

A compliance investigation may involve cross-checking data, matching practices to policy and legislation, or launching covert surveillance operations at different facilities or franchisee locations. Crucially, it is a tailored process that reflects the unique nature of the organization at hand and the compliance legislation and policy to which its integrity is pinned.
Corporate investigations specialists understand that no employer can see every detail that goes on under their watch. But, with the assistance of seasoned private investigators from Lauth Investigations, that employer can effectively expand their scope and meticulously account for each and every intricate compliance requirement, for total peace of mind. If you are seeking support in assessing your current compliance standing, our team is ready to advise you. Getting in touch comes with no obligation, but we think you’ll be surprised at the confidence that comes with knowing your compliance standards are locked down.