2345418733_2371f904ca_zOften when we think of private investigators, we think of missing assets, divorce proceedings, corporate corruption. However there remain occasions where using a private investigator can be cause for both parties to be exultant with the findings.

Emir Kamenica was a Bosnian refugee who escaped his war-torn homeland as a child and his family eventually settled in an Atlanta suburb.  Although Kamenica struggled as an ESL student, a caring teacher saw his potential. Ms. Ames saw that Kamenica was an extremely gifted individual whose potential might be wasted at his current school. She fought for Kamenica’s placement into an academically rigorous college prep school, which paved the way for his successful career in academia.

But, long after he last saw Ms. Ames, Kamenika found himself wishing he could thank her for all she had done. Armed with only a last name and basic location info, it became clear he would need professionals to have any hope of contacting his long lost teacher. He turned his search over to an investigation firm specializing in missing persons.

100965663_ef53707d8d_zBuilding on the simple information he already had, the investigative team gained access to a list of teachers certified in the state of Georgia. This led to a joyous reunion that revived the events of so many years ago, and gave Emir the closure he so desired.

Though PI’s can’t traverse space and time to reunite lost loved ones, the outcome can be just as heartfelt.

Of course, not every case concludes as perfectly as Kamenika’s. Still, a private investigator can often provide answers to your lingering questions and help you find resolution for events long past.