Denver, Colorado is home to over 80 respected and well-known companies. All of these companies, from small business to Fortune 500 corporations, can benefit from hiring a private investigator. Private investigation firms like Lauth Investigations International, Inc. are dedicated to assisting companies nationwide. Our private investigators based in Denver, Colorado specialize in offering the following services for corporations.

Mergers and Acquisitions

As companies continue to expand, the possibility of mergers and acquisitions increases. One of Colorado’s most popular breweries, the Coors Brewing Company, was able to successfully merge with Molson Canadian in 2005. Undergoing such a transaction requires extensive knowledge of every aspect about both companies. When building these corporate relationships, it is important to analyze the company in question. Lauth Investigations International can assist a company looking to merge by conducting a due diligence investigation. Doing so can protect a company from entering into a risky transaction and ensure that the merger or acquisition will be mutually beneficial.

Fraud and Other Unethical Practices

As reported by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), companies lost 5% of their total annual revenue to fraud in 2012. Most cases of fraud go unnoticed for an extended period of time, with the average detection time being two years for office fraud. All companiesare at risk for fraud and other internal problems such as confidentiality violations, slander, and more. These unethical practices can ruin a company’s reputation, resulting in the loss of customers. Lauth Investigations work with corporate legal teams to prevent and stop these problems from happening.

Product Loss and Employee Theft

The ACFE has determined that U.S. businesses lose $50,000,000 annually due to employee theft. In the year 2012, 75% of people employed in the United States had reported stealing from their employer at least once, with a quarter of the individual thefts totaling over a million. Internal theft can be devastating, causing 33% of bankruptcies in the United States. By hiring a private investigator, companies can pinpoint the cause of these thefts before too much damage is done. In the past, Lauth Investigations International has assisted PepsiCo, a Fortune 500 Company, in uncovering nearly two tons of stolen products. PepsiCo was able to prosecute the employees involved thanks to the video surveillance obtained by Lauth’s private investigators.

Worker’s Compensation Investigations

According to the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud, tens of billions of dollars are stolen from companies due to false worker’s compensation claims each year. Employees will fake injuries, exaggerate the severity of injuries, and report outside injuries as occurring on site. Some employees will even work with false clinics to illegally bill a company for supposed injuries. The Coalition mentions that generally, individual claims can cost a company around $5,000. However, some scams can last for several years, resulting in the loss of millions of dollars for the company. By conducting an in-depth investigation of medical records and diligent video surveillance, Lauth Investigations can uncover these scams.

Executive Background Checks

When a person is being considered for an executive position, it is important to do a thorough background check. The 2010 Hire Right Employment Screening Benchmarking Report states that “69 percent of respondents have caught a candidate in a lie.”Factors such as false credentials, legal disputes, and criminal records may go unnoticed. Hiring an executive with an undesirable background can cost a company millions and severely damage their reputation. Recently, Yahoo!’s executive Scott Thompson had to step down after it was discovered that his resume had false information about his education. If a thorough investigation of his history had taken place, Yahoo! may have been able to avoid such an outcome. Our private investigators can provide companies with an intensive background check for potential executives.

Employee Investigations

Scott Thompson was about as successful as a businessman comes. Thompson was the President of Paypal, CEO of Yahoo, and an Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year. Then in 2012, it all came crashing down.

Yahoo discovered that Thompson had lied about one of his degrees, leading to his immediate resignation. Companies across the nation have experienced similar stories, which are completely avoidable with the help of investigation firms such as Lauth Investigations Incorporated.

In situations such as Thompson’s, an investigation firm can look into employee’s pasts and ensure the veracity of each claim the employee has made and each statement made on their resume. While some research can be done with a simple Google search, some facts and history can only be found through rigorous investigations that a professional cannot accomplish. A thorough background investigation can also look into potential employee’s financial backgrounds and press history. More so than just that, investigation firms can find past colleagues, friends and others to put together recommendations based on their competency. For Denver companies to be absolutely sure about the potential employees they hire for high level positions, the best way to have research done is by hiring a professional investigation firm such as Lauth.

Client History

Investigation firms can also find valuable information on Denver corporations’ clients. A complete background history investigation can give companies details about potential clients that could assist in making a sale and keeping existing clients happy. This includes hobbies, interests and preferences that can allow Denver companies to cater to each client specifically to their individual tastes. Denver corporations can use private investigators such as Lauth to up their levels of customer service and satisfaction above their competition.

Competitor Analysis

Private investigators can also look into the histories and backgrounds of competing companies. By looking at companies past histories and tactics, investigation firms can find information that could hint at future strategies competitors may employ. This could give Denver companies who use investigators like Lauth an edge up on their competition, making them one step ahead of the rest of the field.

Litigation Evidence Collection

For legal companies and attorneys, Lauth Investigations can provide a uniquely beneficial set of skills. Oftentimes to win a case, attorneys will need extremely hard to attain evidence to back up their claims. To get the evidence necessary, the best option is to hire a professional investigation firm. Investigation firms such as Lauth can use computer forensics and other methods beyond the means of a regular citizen to dig up the evidence the legal corporations of Denver need. Beyond that, investigation firms can check the credibility of potential expert witnesses before they take the stand. This way attorneys can be absolutely sure that the witnesses they are relying on to prove their points will live up to their expectations in the courtroom.

Lauth Investigations Can Give Denver Companies the Information They Need

In all of these situations, Lauth Investigations can provide the corporations of Denver with valuable information. Whether it’s investigating clients, competitors, or potential employees, Lauth can find whatever evidence or intelligence that can help the companies of Denver.